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24.09.2019 Text: andreas simon // Pix: pr

cocoon presents kraftwerk 3d

We write the year 2019, the second year of the coming-down of an island that has been overrun and is trying to find its identity again, a natural cleaning process that occurs every now and then – what goes up must come down and vice versa. It is in these times when the sheep get seperated from the wolf, where authenticity is the key as people ...  more
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14.10.2018 Text: andreas simon // Pix:

Cocoon Closing 2018 – the review

Each season is different, and this one was for sure a very different one for our favourite promoter, Cocoon, as they changed venue from Amnesia to Pacha. The Techno Pioneer in Ibiza moving to a club that is mostly known for House music in all its shades, that would surely be an experiment. The outcome was nothing less than an adventure of extra ...  more
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10.05.2018 Text: hofer66 // Pix:

Sven Väth @ Pacha Opening 2018

What is set to be one of the biggest changes on the white island  kicked off in style last Sunday with the set of Sven Väth in Pacha as part of a two-weekend-opening orgy. The queue spoke for itself, the securities had a hard time keeping people off blocking the main road as more and more clubbers arrived to be part of this memorable event. ...  more
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14.04.2016 Text: rebel butterfly pr // Pix: pr

Cocoon opening 2016!

Sven Väth presents the extraordinary 17th season of Cocoon Ibiza. The team is gathering, the sun is coming and a truly massive year awaits. The family does not finally come together until the 30th May 2016 with the colossal Cocoon opening party and the best crowd in the business. Details of this legendary event and a further 18, yes 19 in all, ...  more
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26.05.2015 Text: cocoon pr // Pix: cocoon pr


As we accelerate towards the summer Cocoon Ibiza is thrilled to announce our line up for what is going to be a momentous 16th year on the magic island. It was a fantastic 15th season with our amazing crowd front and centre throughout. That is how we like it. Sven Väth, currently in the midst of a remarkable world tour, will be on the decks no ...  more
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27.03.2015 Text: dispersion pr // Pix: pr


Cocoon returns with its latest mix compilation, the 10th and final instalment in their annual in-house series from Chris Tietjen. Titled ‘Zehn’, the mix cd finds former intern turned Sven Vath protégé Chris Tietjen take to the helm to represent the Cocoon sound once again. What makes this chapter particularly enthralling is that it’s a ...  more
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30.10.2013 Text: hofer66 // Pix: pr

Interview Julien Bracht

Julien Bracht is part of a new breed of producers, with sweet 22 years he is a real rookie but already has a great impact on our music scene. Hey Julien, always a pleasure to welcome artists with a different approach to music on our network, and you are without any doubt one of them. You started playing drums when you were 6 years old? Yes, I ...  more
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06.03.2013 Text: pr // Pix:

sam paganini – body to body

Samuel "Sam" Paganini is not a real newcomer anymore. After all, he produces great tracks for more than ten years now and also became an acknowledged DJ in Italy during this time. However, his career received an enormous boost since 2011 with his releases on Plus 8 and Drumcode, and now reaches a new height with his Cocoon Recordings debut. ...  more
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25.01.2013 Text: dispersion pr // Pix:

v.a. – cocoon the eighth collection

Another year has flown by and it’s time once again for Cocoon Recording’s annual in-house mix compilation, this year reaching the auspicious number of eight, or Acht as it is in German. The label looks back on another outstanding year with compilations from Paul Ritch, Cassy & Joris Voorn and Sven himself plus Daniel Stefanik’s stellar ...  more
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25.10.2012 Text: dispersion pr // Pix:


Cocoon head honcho Sven Väth offers up his latest ‘Sound of the Season’ compilation with a reflection on the musical moments that made up this auspicious thirteenth year on the White Isle. On the world’s dancefloors there will always be a bass drum making people dance, but it will rarely sound the same. Techno and House are in continuous ...  more
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