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sam paganini – body to body

Samuel “Sam” Paganini is not a real newcomer anymore. After all, he produces great tracks for more than ten years now and also became an acknowledged DJ in Italy during this time. However, his career received an enormous boost since 2011 with his releases on Plus 8 and Drumcode, and now reaches a new height with his Cocoon Recordings debut. Compared to other releases, Paganini’s ‘Body To Body’ EP draws a quite exceptional line.

The title track “Body To Body” is downright breathing the late air of Electronic Body Music and lives on elements which would have also fit into “The House Of God” by DHS or into some of the more minimal works of Front 242. Gloomy, but still with hit potential – this is a rare mixture nowadays. Great!

With “Fire In My Arms”, Paganini is then slightly moving to more contemporary areas, more loop-based and more new school, but still a little gloomy – a very unique blend and maybe representing the typical “Paganini style” best! “Polyester”, the most House-like track, is the true hit of this EP! Nice old-school snare rolls, driving 909 ride cymbals and sirens result in a kicking Acid feeling that clearly distinguishes from the EBM mood of the first track. Well done!

The digital version contains two bonus tracks: “Hot” opens the doors to New School House as we know it most likely from labels like Cécille: rolling beats, hypnotic vocal scraps, all arranged in a very DJ-friendly way. The very powerful Chicago bass line of the second bonus track (“Paral-Lel”) is fueling the dancefloor and siren and synth attacks, combined with compelling beats, result in peaktime music at its best!

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Sam Paganini

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