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IMS – 10 years shaping electronic music

Ten years ago the International Music summit started as a great idea of a group of Ibiza aficionados, setting the mark of one of the most professional music conferences out there. the founders and the core of members to make the IMS happen: In the beginning the summit focused on what is going on behind the scenes of the electronic music ...  more
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solomun – zora ep

The time has come for Diynamic label boss Solomun to serve up another of his trend setting, season defining EPs. This latest one is called Zora, features three new tracks (which are all titled with Serbo-Croat words) and is sure to become another massive hit for him, and many other DJs, this summer. Of course, the Croatian tastemaker has recently ...  more
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Discodelia – Centipede EP

When two experts in rhythmic dance and atmospheres for the dance floor join forces in their first joint work, the result couldn´t be another: energy and emotions. Dark synths and a powerfull bass in an oppressive environment that becomes luminous. But even if Rock Serling, authentic eminence in music creation and consecrated dj too, begins his ...  more
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v.a. – fabric 82 by art department

Art Department begins a new chapter, offering up the latest instalment of fabric's revered mix compilation series. Art Department’s story has been one of phenomenal success since the act burst onto the scene five years ago.  With a shared musical history in Toronto, the duo of Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow took the world by storm in 2011 ...  more
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tim cullen & made by pete – full english rmx

Tim Cullen & Made by Pete are regular collaborators and the guys behind the Grin Recordings imprint. If you’ve already come across their work, then you’ll likely already speak volumes of the sort of up-tempo fare that they regularly unleash. On that note, their latest is a remix package that sees them lean on the talents of some of their ...  more
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Larry Peters has been on a real roll of late, with his cultured and dynamic sound marking him out as one of south America’s finest proponents of clued-in house producers. Following on from a string of well received jams, his latest pretty much sees him go on from where he left off, as he remind us off his inimitable talents once more courtesy ...  more
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Crazy P – Walk Dance Talk Sing LP

Walk Don’t Walk and !K7 present ‘Walk Dance Talk Sing’, the seventh album by the much-loved UK house and disco pioneers, Crazy P, whose extensive discography makes them one of the most successful dance music bands in English history. With twenty years experience in the studio and wowing crowds (both live and as DJs) Crazy P’s ‘Walk ...  more
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The Orb – Moonbuilding 2703 AD

Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann AKA Veritable pioneers of electronic music The Orb return to Kompakt with the new full-length ‘MOONBUILDING 2703 AD’ - a major piece of psychedelic synth bliss, obscure loops and deep ambient textures, driven by swinging breakbeats and powerful basslines. Or, as Alex says in his own words, “it's a solid ...  more
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Martin Eyerer – Struktur LP

Struktur is the third artist album by Martin Eyerer and his most important so far. It marks a new milestone in his life and is closely connected with the opening of the RIVERSIDE Studios that he established in Berlin along with his friends Tassilo Ippenberger of Pan-Pot and Jade Souaid from Beirut after several years of hard work. This is a ...  more
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v.a. – tenampa essentials

Tenampa is a Mexican label that, like the likes of MEXA before it, revels in its heritage but also takes many of its influences from abroad. Having hosted the likes of Aki Bergen, Chaim and Daniel Steinberg in their time, they’ve serious pedigree in that domain too. Their latest installation, however, sees them look closer to home, as they draw ...  more
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