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On the 26th of October 2002 the Watergate opened its doors to the public for the first time.

Back when the founders Steffen Hack, Ulrich Wombacher and Niklas Eichstaedt of this now world-renowned club decided to realise the idea of a dance floor with a panoramic view of the Spree river and a dazzling LED light installation on the Kreuzberg shore, there was little to indicate the Berlin-hype, that would soon push the city‘s popularity as a tourist destination, tallying up to 20 million overnight visitors per day.

At the time Berlin was still a playground of sorts, upon which the now legendary underground scene could run riot at will. There was ample free space and tolerance which allowed for Berlin to develop the unique qualities which attract so many visitors nowadays. One could say that the life story of Berlin‘s subculture to which the Watergate certainly belongs, is one which rose from the ruins!

The Watergate: often copied, greatly loved, undisputed. In these times of the big global sell-out, it takes a stand and holds opinion. And we watch as the city takes to flogging the family silver; public utility housing societies are simply sold to international investors, delicate, slow-growing social structures are destroyed, clubs are forced to close down, entire neighbourhoods and their inhabitants suffer at the hands of this massive upheaval. And to top it all, the GEMA (Society for Musical Performing and Reproduction Rights) declares that all tariffs to date were incorrect and clamps down on clubs and event hosts with a revised set of tariffs that would result in a raise of up to 1400%.

Steffen Hack: „These developments show us that security is nothing but an illusion! One cannot hope to effectively place a club with a forseeable future plan. This makes us realise allthemore what luck we‘ve had and that inspite of all prophecies of doom, we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary with all those we‘ve grown close to over the years.“

August has been chosen as the birthday-celebration-month and will be waiting on you, with fabulous events in store. After the first jubilee celebrations at the Sonar festival in Barcelona and the open air at Rummelsburg, they proceed with further top-class offerings.

Here are the highlights to come:

For one, they have the world premiere performance of „Henrik Schwarz und Band“ right here on the club‘s very own terrace on the Spree. For free and outdoors, this is their gift to Kreuzberg, the neighbours and everyone else. This promises to be a megahit!!

The following week from Wednesday to Sunday, which is the official birthday-week, they plan to celebrate with all those whom they‘ve grown close to over the years: Tobi, Ali & Basti, Mathias, Oli, Phillip & Patrick, Burak, Thomas & Tassilo, Tobi, Sven, Clement, Damian, Jonathan, Kevin, Jesse, Gavin, Joel, Fritz, Steffen all night long!, Lee, Maya, Marco, Heidi, Richie, Chris, Steve, Francesco, Hector, and an After AUA! (Afterhour) on Sunday, too!

But that‘s not all, folks! They‘ve conjured up a whole lot more for their anniversary. Afterall, they want to spend all the Euros quickly, before they‘re not worth anything anymore!!

At the end of September they will be releasing a masterpiece by the house of Watergate, namely their ‚10th Anniversary Box‘. This strictly limited edition box will include a compilation, of course with tracks by the club‘s darling favourites, a book of pictures, flyers and graphics, a DVD, a poster, so you can finally pin the Watergate to your wall, a 3 x 12 „ excerpt from the compilation and loads more from the last 10 years!”

Included are… Benoit & Sergio , Butch, Catz n’ Dogz & SLG, dOP, Fritz Zander & Martin Dawson, Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts, Henrik Schwarz, Jesse Rose , Kiki- Djulz & Aera Negrot, Lee Jones, Matthias Meyer, M.A.N.D.Y. vs Lopazz , Maceo Plex, Marco Resmann, Mathew Jonson, Mathias Kaden, Mike Shannon, Oliver Koletzki, Ruede Hagelstein, Ryan Crosson, Robin Drimalski & Koljah, Sebo K & Metro, SIS, Sneak, Soul Clap, Subb-an & Hector, Sebastian Wilck & Stassy, Tiefschwarz feat. Mama….

Theye have collected all variations from the 4 to the floor genre for your listening pleasure, ranging from Deep House, Minimal, Techno, House, Slow House across to Electronica with a pop twist!

Are you as keyed-up as they are?!

It‘s gonna be a blast! …here‘s to another 10!!


Saturday, 18.08.2012 10 Jahre Watergate 20:00-22:00

World premiere: Henrik Schwarz and Band LIVE!

On the Spree terrace:

Saturday, 18.08.2012 Sebo K & Friends Start: 22:00

DJ Sneak [Magnetic]

Steve Bug [Poker Flat]

Henrik Schwarz LIVE [Innervisions]

Sebo K [Watergate]

Sascha Dive [Deep Vibes]

Metro [Watergate]

Wednesday, 22.08.2012 10 Jahre Watergate Start: 23:59

dOP [Circus Company]

Pan-Pot [Mobilee]

Mathias Kaden [Freude am Tanzen]

M.A.N.D.Y. [Get Physical]

Tiefschwarz [Souvenir]

Oliver Koletzki [Stil vor Talent]

SIS LIVE [Cocolino]

Tobi Neumann [Cocoon]

Ruede Hagelstein [Watergate]

Fritz Zander [Watergate]

Sven von Thülen [Watergate]

Friday, 24.08.2012 10 Jahre Watergate Start: 23:59

Dixon [Innervisions] all night long!

Maya Jane Coles [Hypercolour]

Heidi [Jackathon]

Marco Resmann [Watergate]

Lee Jones [Watergate]

So you see this club is not for nothing in the world league of the top global clubs. We from dub Magazine wish al the best and would love to be there but August is simply impossible for us….

On another 10 years easily!

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