20.07.2016 Text: andreas simon // Pix: phrank.net

the sheriff

Better a sane insanity as an insane sanity. We are in a room in Hard Rock Hotel where the creators of the 'Children of the 80's' event were so friendly to allocate us for the interview with Tomás Manjavacas, 'the Sheriff' as he is respectfully entitled by the people in this hotel where he is working, or better said, where he is supervising the ...  more
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18.01.2015 Text: andreas simon // Pix: collabs

Sola, always in our hearts and souls.

To write an obituary about Sola is one of my biggest challenges. I will do this in first-person narrative form but to make sure, this is not about me at all, it just makes it easier for me to get started. And forgive me if there are minor chronological or contextual mistakes in it, if I would have started to ask all friends that knew, worked ...  more
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09.12.2014 Text: james hopkins // Pix: pr

good music suckers

The latest German duo to impress us are Achilles & One. Consisting of Jonas and Lukas, they’re arguably our favourite such duo since we first heard the sounds of Robosonic or Piemont. Anyway, these guys have a sound that’s very much their own, and as they confess, it’s somewhere between house and disco sounds. For an indication of what ...  more
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12.07.2014 Text: Hofer66 // Pix: Max, PR, artiG

Max in da Mix

The beautiful setting of the Magic Music Studios up in the San Juan mountains is the ideal surrounding to speak to Max Martire, one part of the Aristofreeks, set to hit the music industry with a bang this summer through several huge productions. Hello Max, pleasure to meet you - your biography reads like you breathe and live music your whole ...  more
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16.10.2013 Text: andreas simon // Pix: frank

R.I.P. Nito Sa Trinxa

Nito Cardona was always a visionary, a person that saw things before they appeared, before they even existed. That is for sure one of the reasons he started Sa Trinxa (originally called Sa Trincha) so many years ago as a 'real' Chiringuito on the beach of Salinas. Real Chiringuito by law means that you have to deinstall evertything except the ...  more
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11.07.2013 Text: hofer66 // Pix: daniel woeller / phrank

the love of music

Sven, it is a pleasure and an honor to finally welcome you in dub, as one of our first and most loyal clients and as one of my role models as DJ. If they would have told you where you stand today when you started playing records, what would you have said? I would have laughed but at the same time i would have been very happy as it sounds ...  more
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20.04.2013 Text: lucia barbiero // Pix: jerom

graffiti Born in Ibiza

Jerom - Ibiza Graffiti Artist (Ibiza 1979) The current graffiti began to develop in the late 70's in NY and Philadelphia, where writers such as Futura 2000, A-One, Taki 183, Cat 161 or Cornbread began to write their names on walls and subway stations in Manhattan. The first tags (signatures) appeared and subsequently led to the first graffitis ...  more
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03.04.2013 Text: hofer66 // Pix: henning besser

Creativity comes from limitations

d: Hello Martin, another great artist joins our network, and what better cause then the upcoming release of your album.  Tell us a bit more about you, how did you come to music? When I was sixteen I discovered making music on a computer. Before that I played various instruments, drums, piano, even violine. So I played in different bands as a ...  more
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13.01.2013 Text: william de worde // Pix: pr

Aaron Swartz is dead.

Aaron Swartz was an exceptional, genious and free mind in a world ruled by a few in order to stay in control. He started programming very early and was at the tender age of 14 already more advanced than what many others achieve in their lifetime. He was an internet activist trying in whatever way to make information accessible to all, and not ...  more
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22.11.2012 Text: hofer66 // Pix: pr


We meet Francesca Lombardo, the new Italian Queen of House. Hello Francesca, it is always fascinating having an artist interview with someone that you have just discovered and admire instantly. Since your first appearance on Crosstown Rebels that is the case for me. Tell us where your musical roots come from, i hear you have a father who is ...  more
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