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We meet Francesca Lombardo, the new Italian Queen of House. Hello Francesca, it is always fascinating having an artist interview with someone that you have just discovered and admire instantly. Since your first appearance on Crosstown Rebels that is the case for me. Tell us where your musical roots come from, i hear you have a father who is ...  more
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R.I.P. Pete Namlook + Martin Dawson

Pete Namlook (a wordplay of his real name Peter Kuhlmann aka Peter 'Koolman' which is Namlook from back to front) has died of yet unspecified causes. His daughter Fabia says she will announce more details soon when the circumstances about his death are revealed. Pete was a heavy influence in the 90's for all lovers of synthesised music, ...  more
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Ralph Lawson is one of the key figures that shaped the early days of dance music and owner of one of the most respected electronic music labels in the world - 2020Vision. By choosing the name of his label you can see that his vision is crystal clear. 2020Vision was originally 20/20 vision, which is when you have perfect sight. Lawson wanted to ...  more
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Johannes Goller is the man in charge of Cocoon Ibiza since 12 years now, and the success of Cocoon shows he knows exactly what he is doing. In 1988 his parents decided to go on holiday to Ibiza and Johannes was a sweet 13 year old. They stayed in a hotel opposite Space and he saw the party people entering Space every morning when they went for ...  more
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Art preserves Nature

On thursday 23rd of August Dominique Sanson and his wife Marianne were the protagonists of an event that was held in Terravita on the main road to Santa Eulalia. Dominique donated some of his paintings to a very good cause - the support of the IPF - the Ibiza Preservation Fund, an organization that aims to revitalize the island's local ...  more
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We meet with Patrik Skoog aka Agaric, already a veteran of swedish techno and house producers even though he is still very young and got a bright future in front of him. Hello Patrik, tell our readers about yourself, how did you come to music? Hi Dub. I've been intreaged by musical instruments for as long as I can remember. When I was really ...  more
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 “Sadja” means 'the musical key of the soul', and “Ran” means desert in ancient Hindi and all together sounding great. It is a live deep house project born to not only make music but to get the opportunity to get out of the nut shell that is the studio to perform live. The two parts of Sadja Ran are Anne Rani and Illinton, Anne is ...  more
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It was always my big wish to get to interview Josh Wink, a legend behind the decks and owner of one of the most respected labels of all times, Ovum Records. You just became a father, how does that change your life as Josh Wink? Our son was born in October and it is a truly unique experience, not made for everybody that is for sure. It is amazing ...  more
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Two artists living on the island of Ibiza. Two different techniques. Two neighbours with enough similarities in their work to make  an artistic experiment together, which takes place in a gallery and, especially in a picture “La casa en Can Tada” made together (exposed in a window front) which is visible from the Vara de Rey. Here the ...  more
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Adeline is half swedish, half uruguayan, an explosive mix that brings out the best of both worlds. You studied business affairs before music came into your life? almost, i have a master degree in financial mathematics and management but already during my studies I started making music and knew that this was my life rather than become a business ...  more
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