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How a simple word can become a powerful slogan.

Thursday 16th of August we saw the launch of a campaign that is as genius as simple, and reflects a message that is as simple as genius. And the best of it is there is no collective behind it, no party, no administration – it is a message that speaks from the heart of many, and the number is rising constantly.

For those of you who do not get the slogan – ‚si’ means ‚yes’ in spanish, so it simply means ‚yes to music’.

We said it already in our summer editions, but it seems like the message needs to be repeated and amplified as often as possible, as many people are so trapped in their daily struggle to survive that they seem to forget that the real power lies within all of us. A famous quote says ‚the people shall not fear their governments, the governments shall fear their people’, even if the word ‚fear’ does not really fit in there in my humble opinion. Why does such a quote exist anyway? In an ideal world the governments should represent the people’s choice, should take care of their needs and keep them safe from harm, offering everybody the possibility to make the best out of their life. But in reality our governments have become instruments of power, lead by a few in order to maximize profits and/or serve individual purposes.

In the case of Ibiza and its current music policy it is obvious that the intention to ‚clean’ the island of unwelcome businesses lacking the respective license to play music is simply wrong, lumping all in one bag to maximize the impact on the cost of a model of tourism that worked so well for so many years and put Ibiza on the global map as THE music destination during the summer months. Using music as the scapegoat for failing politics is a cowardly measure and can only have one response: muSIca. And to downgrade music to the same level as noise is as ridiculous as it gets. If the aim would be honest then why not persecute all businesses that do not have the respective license without the need to limit music to a ludicrously low level, knowing that this will kill not only the ones that lack the respective license but all of them?

And what about the DJs, the musicians, the composers and songwriters, those who sacrifice their life in order to create something that gives people a moment of relax, of joy, of disconnect from their daily stress? I say sacrifice because most of them hardly make enough money to be able to pay their bills as their interest lies in creation, not in consumerism. Music is the universal language, all and everything is vibration, frequency, even the air between you and me vibrates, so how on earth can anybody be so ignorant to demonize music?

It looks like our local politicians do not think outside their box, as there are so many other destinations that have a decent music policy satisfying the needs of all their citizens. There will always be a few that do not agree with certain decisions, solutions need to be based on consent, at least in a democratic system as i do believe we live in. We all agree that a beach with endless different music styles at full volume is not what relaxation means, but the black and white thinking is no solution to this problem. There has to be a way to find solutions that suit all, venues with music and ones without, so everybody can choose what they like most, and let’s not forget that we talk about a season that is as short as two months at peak, 4 months in total, the rest of the year there is more than enough peace for those who seek relaxation. And most of them live directly or indirectly of tourism, so remember this at the next elections and choose wisely where to place your vote, as it might be a decision that could change your life forever.

The number of tourists will go down anyway as destinations on the other side of the Mediterranean are recovering from political tension caused by war, i would say about 30% of the people that came to the Balearic islands in the last couple of years would rather go back to their preferred destinations. A regulation of the model of tourism is desperately needed, we are no VIP hideout nor an all-inclusive mayhem, both serving only a few in order to fill their pockets. This island has so many possibilities to become a role model for the rest of the planet, there are so many good initiatives to create a place where all works together in harmony, where nature is respected and serves not only as a beautiful landscape but a green and sustainable source of energy and nutrition.

This is Ibiza, a haven for all sort of conscious people that love the mix of like-minded from all over the globe gathering together in order to celebrate life in a peaceful way, not only through music but also not without it.

So together we stand and each one of us says:

“I represent myself, i am an individual and do not belong to any collective or association. I have a voice and a vote.

I love Ibiza because it is my home.

I believe in limits and rules. I believe in respect and tolerance.

Ibiza can not vanish from the map. Ibiza deserves an intelligent regulation. A regulation that allows a good cohabitation and a fair treatment of tourism.

I do not agree with the persecution and criminalization of music by some collectives, authorities and town halls.

Music is culture, not noise. Me that wants this island with music wants to battle to recuperate and protect that what makes her so special, and music is a part of it.

I say YES to music, YES to diversion. YES to dance. YES to tolerance.

I say YES to an adequate volume. I say YES to music under the sky. I say NO to nuisance.

I want the authorities to protect me and make my life safer.

I want to listen to music day and night.

I want that Ibiza keeps sounding.”



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