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Discodelia – Centipede EP

When two experts in rhythmic dance and atmospheres for the dance floor join forces in their first joint work, the result couldn´t be another: energy and emotions.

Dark synths and a powerfull bass in an oppressive environment that becomes luminous. But even if Rock Serling, authentic eminence in music creation and consecrated dj too, begins his new stage voice, and brings in the project, the soul as a deep lyrics, very catchy and genuine, and his hipnotic voice.

This is no coincidence, is the result of many years of experience, friendship and a love for music that unites everything, making each one of the steps in this Centipede walks firm and straight to the dance floor. But going through the heart and tearing at times.

A perfect machine of nature and life. Pure biomechanics.

The EP was released on June 10 on Voyeur Music, an emerging spanish label. Voyeur Music has clear ideas: release electronic music, from deep to tech provocative beats.

This work includes 3 superb remixes: the restrained but explosive, deep and minimal from Martin Emit (an artist who will give to talk soon); the bright vision from Hobbes! (ultra talented artist, and one the  Voyeur Music legs) and the deep disco touch from Oncina (a veteran dj and Voyeur Music founder).


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Discodelia // Voyeur Music

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