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We talk to Pete Oak about his latest project, Blindfold Recordings, which he runs together with Jens Christian Nørgaard. Hey Pete, we know and respect you already from outstanding releases on labels like Steyoyoke, but our readers need a bit more background info, so let's start from scratch - where do you come from? I come from Aalborg in ...  more
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Sola, always in our hearts and souls.

To write an obituary about Sola is one of my biggest challenges. I will do this in first-person narrative form but to make sure, this is not about me at all, it just makes it easier for me to get started. And forgive me if there are minor chronological or contextual mistakes in it, if I would have started to ask all friends that knew, worked ...  more
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slow // cautious // meaningful

Berlin might be a city full of techno and house loving expats, but not many of those can call Seoul their native home. That said – and as the cliché goes – Rust & Dust are far from your average duo. The South Korean natives craft gorgeous house music of the sort that endears many and often crosses over, with numerous rich melodies and ...  more
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06.01.2015 Text: james hopkins // Pix: pr

expect the unexpected

Emiliano Comollo is a man on the rise – especially if his latest work for Parallel is anything to go by. A native of Turin, the man makes the sort of spirited and intricate house music that’s favoured by the old school yet still maintains a vehemently contemporary approach. We caught up with him recently to find out more… Where are you ...  more
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04.12.2014 Text: James Hopkins // Pix: PR

Marasco – no politics of sound

Marasco is the Italian producer who’s been shacked up in Hawaii for the best part of the last few decades, and it’s a way of life that, while being kind to him, also shines through in his music. His latest EP on Frole Record typifies the fact, as he summons up a series of tracks that encapsulate the industrial madness of his hometown, Naples, ...  more
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Ste Io Io ke? STEYOYOKE!

We team up with a label that has set a footprint in today's electronic music scene as one of the most authentic ones. We talk about Steyoyoke, a Berlin based label with a bright future. First of all, where does the name "Steyoyoke" come from? Our goal was to find a name which wasn’t existing already on google - which of course is not easy. ...  more
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Masters of deep – Audiofly

Hello Anthony and Luca, it's been a while since our last conversation and i have to say i miss you guys. The reason why we are having this interview is because of an incredible mix you produced for your event series 'Flying Circus'. We had the mix on repeat for about 48 hours and i could not stop the music… Did you put any subliminal ...  more
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an orgy of art, music & design

Delmar and Alvaro are the two artists that form ‘Los Suruba’, a name that is all over the place. Since two years they live in Ibiza and became the residents of Ants in Ushuaïa. We are sitting in a private club in the venue talking about life, music and more. You met in 2001 but what are your musical roots? Delmar: At the age of 14 I ...  more
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i let myself drift

Hello Marko, we are already following you for a while and are now very happy to get the chance to talk to you about music, life and more. Being born in the old 'Eastern Germany' must have been difficult in order to get access to music no? Since we've lived near the East/West Border, it was easy to listen to western Radio Stations, which played ...  more
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Murphy’s Law

IF ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG, IT WILL. We all know the infamous ‘Murphy’s Law’, it is a constant companion in our daily lives, always in those moments of high pressure something goes wrong and you ask yourself ‘how the hell could this happen’? Murphy’s Law is confirmed to have its origin at a military Base called Edward’s Air Force ...  more
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