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Ste Io Io ke? STEYOYOKE!

We team up with a label that has set a footprint in today’s electronic music scene as one of the most authentic ones. We talk about Steyoyoke, a Berlin based label with a bright future.


First of all, where does the name “Steyoyoke” come from?

Our goal was to find a name which wasn’t existing already on google – which of course is not easy. Even the day before launching the label, we still didn’t have a name. We decided to make a game where you have to put syllables together. We were 3 guys sitting around a table, everyone had to write down a syllable on a piece of paper. After 5 minutes we opened all the papers and among the words to appear, was “Ste Io Io Ke”. Afterwards we changed the IO IO to YO YO and the name Steyoyoke was born. From there, our graphic artist Azuldecobalt created the idea of our logo. Which is now fondly known as the bicycle with 2 vinyl wheels.

Who is the driving force behind the label?

We are a small group of motivated friends, actually we are like a family. Chris (Soul Button) and Marco (MPathy) are the driving force behind the label and take care of the conceptual and management part. Azuldecobalt and BLANCAh have lots of crazy ideas for new projects and sometimes we have to slow them down :) Philip (Dahu) is helping a lot with his good taste for music and of course with his great productions. We also have some very close friends who also offer their skills and would give even their own heart and soul for Steyoyoke, for example Michaela, Tara and Hrvoje.

Soul Button:








What are your roots?

Well since Steyoyoke is a group of people, it’s hard to say what our roots are but mainly we can say that we all come from techno. Chris produced techno for many years, Marco also produced techno for a lot of his productions and Philip was playing in a black metal band.

The term ‘Deep House’ is often misused these days and gets really hard to categorize, what does it mean for you?

Deep House at the moment is not a genre anymore and sits closer to a combination of genres. There are so many different kinds of deep house music styles right now and it’s hard to distinguish between them. What matters for us, is that the music has to have the right level of “deepness”. Some people say we do melodic deep house, but we’d have to say that we do our very own unique style of Steyoyoke music :)

Is Deep House the new EDM? I read an article the other day and found it rather disturbing…

Up until last year, Deep House was becoming very fashionable and thankfully this period has passed, as this was the risk that was influencing it to be labeled as the new EDM. Well, its over here in Berlin at least. Deep House is rapidly evolving right now and techno is coming back, with many new innovative influences. Within this transition period we started with our sub label “Steyoyoke Black”, where our focus is directed towards the darker/heavier sounds that have just hit the Berlin scene.

Who is behind the impressive graphics that come with your releases?

Our man Azuldecobalt. He is originally from Turkey and also used to live in Spain. He moved to Berlin to work more closely with us. He’s a real artist, therefore pretty crazy (but in a good way). His creativity and authentic unique style makes him exactly what he is… a huge talent. We are really happy to have him.



You do release on Vinyl and the recent return of it seems to proof you right to do so?

Vinyl is an icon for electronic music and symbolises how it all started back in the 80’s. Even if we don’t receive a great deal of income from the vinyl sales, all of us at Steyoyoke still believe whole heartedly in its importance and we want to keep it alive.

Tell us more about your new project ‘Couple Affair’ please.

‘Couple Affair’ is a project that Steyoyoke will release only on vinyl. All our artists shared a selection of music projects and afterwards everyone had to choose one or two of them and then try to complete the song. In this way, we composed tracks together even though we were not sitting next to each other. At the end we chose 4 songs for the vinyl. It’s an interesting project which Steyoyoke will continue for sure.

You have a Steyoyoke Album in the pipeline as well?

Yes, we are about to finish our first Steyoyoke Album. Since the family is growing and we have several artists who are producing lots of music, we kept the ‘Couple Affair’ concept going and support 100% the idea of our artists collaborating together. We continue to strengthen our label through our family ideals, which empowers the main concept of our new Steyoyoke album.

Can’t wait to hear it. Thanx so much for this interview and we hope to hear so much more from one of our favourite labels. Keep Grooooovin’!

more info:

Steyoyoke // Steyoyoke FB // Steyoyoke SC // Azuldecobalt FB

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