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slow groove funk blues tekno excited electro

Hello Cindy, we got to know each other not long ago and i have to say i really like your music, after listening to your latest promo and hearing you play in Heart it is just natural to make this interview with you.


Please tell our readers where you come from. 

I was born in France.  My father is a Yugoslavian football player and trainer, and my mum is French National brought up in England. This influenced my musical world with sounds from different cultures.

How did you come to Ibiza?

I guess it was love….

When and how did you get into music?

I was always into music, I have cassette tapes of my brother and me making “radio” shows. I started learning to dj as a result of breaking my leg, I was vice champion of France at the Criterium of Evian and was supposed to go to the Australian Olympics to do a demonstration of Acrosport. I guess I applied the same manic passion to mixing as I had to the sport, finding myself stuck at home in a very large cast with only mum’s vinyls (a few thousand of them), her turntables and time on my hands. There were always DJs around and life’s breath was music at home. So I would go to the radio show mum participated in at FG on Fridays, and in the side studio I would practice my art and get tips from professional DJs, so I learnt how to mix, scratch, crab etc. My thanks go to those godfathers of the mix and a very large record collection. Soon after I started playing in Paris in different venues, without being old enough to get into the clubs but old enough to be behind the decks.


Your DJ name is Karmina, where does it come from?

I began in fact as Miss Sin, I had an album out with Sony… but they had copyrighted my name “Miss Sin”, so when I decided the commercial line and the suffocating way they imposed their choices on me was too much I wanted to break away from them, so I had to change my name. I always liked the sound of Karmina – ‘KArrrrr Mi mimiii naa’ I like the sound of those, it’s musical, and that’s what its about, sound.

You do all your music by yourself, including the vocals, do you have any musical formation?

I don’t have any training per say, I taught myself over the years starting with the most basic programs that used to exist, I think my first one was VJ  and I used to play with it when I was about 13. Then I moved on to Cubase, then Logic & Pro Tools.


You worked with a lot of heavyweights in music, did they influence your musical career and how?

I have been blessed to meet and work with some great professionals, but I think my influences come from all over and from many different places.

Would you say a female DJ has to prove herself more than the male colleagues?

Oh yes and how! I have to say when I started I was often judged on my looks and if anything this has held me back.  It’s sad that people judge everything by the way it looks, presuming that that is all I have, it is an age old story.  Someone that looks like your typical geek (no offence, I love them) will obtain far more respect than me, even if (s)he has no knowledge or talent, it’s just the way it is.  Sam Guetta (rest in peace) understood it so well, I miss his support and friendship! Let’s hope the future will be different for girls.


How would you define your style?

Slowgroovefunkbluesteknoexcitedelectro with a sprinkling of melancholy sometimes and most probably played at 105 to 120 bpm, preferably played on an excellent sound system, the one in Heart is amazing, just feel that big bass! I have to turn it down to balance it out, it’s so powerful.

How do you see the island these days?

A little bit too commercial and being sold off, or its soul being sold off to the highest bidder…but I still love her, Ibiza! That’s why I live here – it is a blessing to see its nature and beauty every day, I hope it will be preserved….

If you’d have a magic wand and could change three things on Ibiza immediately, what would they be?

I ‘d make a never ending fountain of pure water, better waste management of course, more durable tourism….and safe lives and homes for all the dogs cats and other animals…you can donate to C4C if you like! woops that’s four…

And in the world?

Ah, so many things I’d change in the world if only I could! World peace for a start! An end to animal suffering and greater respect for nature would be right up there too!


How does your perfect day look like?

Probably this without the zoo part:

Just a perfect day: Drink sangria in the park;

And then later, when it gets dark we go home.

Just a perfect day.  

Feed animals in the zoo  

Then later a movie, too, (with my son of course!) and then home.

Oh, it’s such a perfect day

I’m glad I spent it with you.

Oh, such a perfect day

You just keep me hanging on

You just keep me hanging on.

Just a perfect day.

Problems all left alone,

Weekenders on our own

It’s such fun.

Just a perfect day.

You made me forget myself,

I thought I was someone else,

Someone good.

Oh, it’s such a perfect day,

I’m glad I spent it with you.

Karmina in 20 years?

Alive! Hahah! Healthy and happy is what I will wish myself, for the rest, only time will tell.

Listen to Karmina Milojevic with her exclusive mix ‘in intimacy with dub ibiza’ on our mixcloud page here.


more info:

Karmina FB // Karmina BP



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