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Heaven Sent


d: Hello you two, fantastic to have you here on our new homepage – you are one of the first interviews we do related to music so it is our big pleasure. First of all, how did your names come to life, Miss Luna and Q de Rhino?

Miss Luna: Hi! it´s our pleasure. Well, my name came to me quite naturally because I have always been fascinated by the power of the moon and its influence on our rhythm of life – if we go with the flow. And it fits perfectly with the music I´m doing and the place where I live, here on this spiritual Island.

Q de Rhino: I feel my artist name should really be who I am as an artist holistically. I remember the big music shows of my childhood that were Heart Stoppers and Stadium Classics. Those events that made people come back from the concert and sit in the lunch room at school and tell magic tales. Pink Floyd sending a giant bed through a smoke filled stadium followed by a gigantic pig! And I could imagine there would be some stage director off in the wings with a headset mic and a clipboard, looking at the list then looking up with beads of sweat pouring down his face, “All Right team ‘A’ get ready ’cause now were gonna CUE the FUCKIN’ RHINO!” I believe Modern Artists need to have skills that they have honed over the years, Like old school comic book Superheroes, just in an artistic & production sense. The name should embody that if possible. In 2012 the ‘New Kidz on the Street’ think If you got a cool DJ Name from mashing up the titles of your favorite breakfast cereals and your mom buys you Traktor for your birthday now you are a DJ! Maybe, but ya still got no Skillz! That takes time, practice, victories and defeats, asses shakin’ & dancin’ feet. So the name is a holistic statement of artistic presence and the result of how I spent my time honing my craft – Q DeRHINO.

d: Both of you are no newcomers to the island, what brought you to Ibiza?

Miss Luna: Ibiza attracted me like a magnet when I came here for the first time in 1999. I suddenly knew that this is the place where I want to live and work and start to produce my own music. So I came here 2 years later and did exactly that.

Q de Rhino: In my case it was Raff Ravenscroft, the guy who gave ‘The Ibiza Underground’ its Name in 2001. We were in a band together in London. We had started a party Called ‘Charras Blue Acid’ in The Paradise Bar in Ladbrooke Grove, he told me artists were living wild in the hills in Ibiza and i had a track out called ‘Swingers Delight’ and it just hit DJ mags Hype 70. So after touring Italy I got a flight to Ibiza, I figured it was the obvious next step. I got out of the cab at the Hostal Parque across from Sunset Bar In the Plaza del Parque where in those days you could drive right up to it. I remember that I had a hundred and thirty five pesetas left after paying for the taxi which in today’s money is about 70 cents and all I could think of was !what a relief!’ I had arrived without having that fear that every tourist has, the fear of running out of money before your trip is over! And I was like ‘ok cool it’s impossible to run out of money because you don’t have any! So stop worrying about that and get down to the business of going from unknown to known and bring Swingers delight to the Next level’- I gave myself 30 Days…

d: How did your collaboration come to life? I know you do radio together and play certain gigs and parties, so it is not just a studio thing.

Miss Luna: My first regular party I played when I arrived took place in the Mao Rooms (some people may remember these good old times) and Q hosted it and performed there. Soon we went to the studio and recorded our first song. I think we are completing each other musically in a perfect way with our different musical backgrounds. And of course there is a great long year friendship as well, which should not to be taken for granted in Ibiza.

Q de Rhino: Correct, its not just a studio thing it’s a Lifestyle thing. It started at my first summer when I was throwing those Swingers Delight Parties In The Mao Rooms. Now imagine I had no clue at the time about the possible double meaning or that a Party called ‘Swingers Delight’ would attract such a wide range of beautiful people but maybe they didn’t get the double meaning either. Anyway that’s where I met Luna, she was one of the residents that played great music at my Party. She always had a smile and we would have a ton ‘o’ fun at The Mao Rooms. It was like an Opium den without the Opium. It was designed like the most comfortable place you could be in… but not big enough to let EVERY body an’ dey mama in. So it created this historical Who’s Who list of party goers that were trying to hide in plain view… And in the Mao Rooms you could do just that & have an absolutely rocking party. It was the days when the sound limiters were just coming in so we had all these ways to trick the limiters so we could ‘rock the box’ off that place. It had a pumpin’ soundsystem that got your girls panties wet if she stood close to them speakers.

I had a friend who said I should make a track with one of his friends and l found out his friend was Luna. So we made our first track with Chris Leblanc who was on the production team for Haddaway on the ‘What is Love’ track. Then, after many years of just producing and giging, we started doing radio together, it was a natural progression from the live gigs. I had been into radio in Ibiza for years, since the days when there was no Sonica and no Global Radio and Igor Marijuan and David Moreno Wworked for Cadena CIEN (Channel 100). So when we began our radio project together I had a very clear vision, I knew we needed to create a show that first kicked ass at home on the island… then we would export it around the world to other countries so they could get the message and the ‘Real Feel’ of a set we make ‘Under the Influence of Ibiza’.

As an artist you want to be able to create a song on Friday then Saturday play the track live with a another little added twist to it at the beach to see how the people are responding to it, then play it that week at night on the Rise and Shine Radioshow and Miss Luna can drop it in and I sing over it live and it gets a live remix and a new feel. DJs around the world listen to our show every week to find out what’s hot in ibiza right now, and they listen and give us direct feedback. After ten plus years of working in the music together you get an unspoken language. In our radio shows for example for years we have been doing the gig spontaneously so I never know what she is going to play and she never knows what I am going to say. We like it that way, it keeps the process pure and unadulterated.

d: Let’s come to the reason why we do this interview, what was the basic idea behind the ‘Heaven Sent’ EP?

Miss Luna: It´s about life, love, the music and the DJ Culture, very current topics in Ibiza. We did our first cooperation with the American Label Soul Shift Music and wanted to present a spectrum of our productions, not only house music, also some downtempo sounds, always with a message to our audience. I think Q can tell you more about it, as he did all those great lyrics.

Q de Rhino: I personally feel that ‘Heaven Sent’ as an Ep was a way of delivering what I wanted to see in the music industry. Something that spoke the issues of our time, not just something to entertain people. I really wanted to address some issues that we as artists and producers are talking about. So doing it with love and in some cases with humor, I am expressing that ‘We’ are ‘The Music’ through a vibration in motion that harmonizes with other vibrations, ‘Just Like Music’. The vibration is the ‘Vibe’ because a good vibe will nourish you like food. And A candy pop sugared up vibration will get you up for a bit but later there is gonna be a crash! So this Music you can use to sustain you when you need soul and nourishment. I feel that if we could deliver that, you would just play it when you needed it to take you to that special place. You could be in your car or sitting on the beach and it would just sooth you and speak to you. ‘Things you needed to hear when you needed to hear it.’ To get you through those times when only music is with you… The sound that will make you feel alive again, no matter where no matter when.

d: How did you choose the remixers?

Miss Luna: Some of my favourite remixers live here in Ibiza. We had the chance to get Sonicure in our boat who contributed such a cool version to the remix package – thank you Andy + Ingmarlo. The label head himself contributed a mix as well,  and we have long-term musical connection to HP Hoeger from Austria. Fabian Hohlfeldt is a 20-years old upcoming producer from Germany, I knew him as a baby and I think he will be one of the big producers and DJs very soon.

Q de Rhino: Well actually that’s interesting because all of the Remixers have some sort of family like ‘six degrees of separation’ thing going on, except in 2012 with fakebook and ‘ME’-phones in ibiza it is more like ‘3 degrees of separation’. I had wanted to do a project that included the Sonicure team, we were always in the same area but never on the same album so I thought ‘A DJ’ would be the perfect track for the first collaboration. Then Miss Luna knew Fabian since he was a kid and he had done some remixes for us before for ‘The One’ on the Rise & Shine Album and I though Holy Shit, this Kid is taking the thing from a totally different angle! He just added super edge but with real personality. I was like “lets get Fabian on this ‘A DJ’ Remix pool and we will get a great perspective.

A female german DJ, HP Hoeger, a famous Austrian DJ producer and the Sonicure Team – it was like our Allstar Team for the music olympics, we had the guys from the States rounding it off with the other remixes. From rising stars like Scott Watson with the down tempo Atom Smasher of a mix. This Allstar Team from the label side at Soul Shift also included Pablo Angel, Theodore Kapsanis and we got a an absolute classic House Cornerstone of a remix from ‘The Squeeze’. These were connections Luna had made from years of attending the WMC in MIAMI going to the Conference and promoting our music and dropping our tracks at the Miami Conference parties. You become friends with other artists & industry people that later you collaborate with and push the edge of the music & artistic envelope. I believe it is this international bond of friendship that we have that has allowed our productions to compete on such a high level in North America and Canada.

d: It got to top ten in Canada, does this mean you do not have to work again in your life?

Miss Luna: we relax and will only have sex, and drugs and Rock´n´Roll… Honestly, it is inspiring me even more to follow the path and work harder to give birth to all these ideas standing in line to be released for certain some time soon.

Q de Rhino: Well, in the Zip Dj Charts which is used to compile the Billboard Global Dance Charts we were ranked No.1 EP in Canada and we ranked No.9 overall when competing with the singles as well. The ‘Heaven Sent EP’ stayed in the top 40 for 9 Weeks! I remember getting the mail and it was the charts so I thought ‘Why did they send me this? We make underground music!’ They don’t even know we are out here, we are below the radar just hammering out our Soul’s song and working with dedicated artists.

Lucky for me I’m doing what I love like this we continue to be successful with the music on the outside world, and what is more important is what we are doing right here at home, on the Island. We are providing that thing we were looking for in music, in party and in life. Great music that nourishes the soul and events that do the same. Bringing like-minded people together so they can harmonize. That’s why last year my partner created the ‘Ibiza Love Story’ Brand. We took over the old ‘Mega Music’ in the heart of San Antonio and went head to toe with the summer craze. We used the principles behind the Emoto Water Experiment with crystals and positive messages, and cross applied it to a clothing philosophy. I figured If Emoto was right that means that wearing negative messages on your clothes could be hazardous to your health! So we created a line of T-Shirts that had positive uplifting messages in line with the universal laws of attraction.

I put these same messages into our music so that it will do the same, nourish your soul instead of draining your life force and bringing you down. Imagine If you cross applied Emoto’s theory to your ‘Personal’ Clothing Line? With messages like “LOVE KILLS SLOWLY” written all over your body what chance do you have for true harmonic balance? So the work is just beginning. This year as the brand expanded past the walls of our 200 square meter shop, we took the brand online and created IbizaLoveStory so that we could deliver happiness right to your door 24/7 not just in Ibiza’s high season. You can as well find quick easy access to Ibiza’s top Websites & Radio Stations at your finger tips, all in one place. Like a one stop shopping for all things in Ibiza. Now our clothes and merchandise are online, and if you are in Ibiza you find us at selected Ibiza outlets like Raza Clubber, the Ushuaia Gift Shop as well as in the Circular Airport Departure Lounge Gift Shop which is as well the Pacha Shop, opposite the Cafeteria. In the port of Ibiza at Mari Quant on Calle Major and Laboutik on Calle De La Cruz.

As more people hear the message of our music and search the origin of that vibration they find that it is more than just the music it’s a clothing & merchandise line. And it is my first novel, ‘True Ibiza Stories’ with online video podcast and over 104 music singles to be released. It’s as well syndicated radio shows in the U.S and Europe of our Rise & Shine radio show and it’s live events like our ‘Children Of the Sun’ Series at Delano Beach Club called ‘FAT STINKY’ which is rapidly evolving into a ‘multi-industry meeting point’ on saturdays. It’s 360 degrees of Pure Ibiza Lifestyle! We are joined by surprise superstar residents Like Anna from Ibiza Global Radio And Hofer66, as well as our in-house secret weapons Rufus White & Donald Leary. A very unique and interesting concept not being new, It’s just a synthesis of what I remember of Ibiza when I arrived over a decade ago, it was families celebrating life on the beach with their kids listening to music eating and really bonding with each other. We were so happy to be in ibiza and there were so many stories to share simply because everyone had just come from some globe hopping adventure. Over all, I designed ‘FAT STINKY’ as a fertile place to make life-long friends. Like a Think Tank for the modern day surviver… Positive vibrations and inter-relations. Face 2 Face!

d: Future projects?

Miss Luna: Our next track, ‘Ibiza Love Story’, will be released again on Soul Shift Music very soon. I am working on a Flamenco Lounge Project with the label Tarod Music in Mallorca with a fantastic live guitar player and spanish singers. And last but not least I will have a remix out for Davidson Ospina, one of my favourite DJs and producers, on his Philadelphia based label Ospina Digital. I will also focus on remixing in the future, many requests are currently coming from very interesting parts of the world…

Q de Rhino: Yes, the Think Tank has been cooking up tasty treats for sure. My friends and I are all farming on the ghetto scale but the future project is to run a small Organic Farm. I have ben looking into it and I have been visiting farms and listening to the stories of the farmers. I will begin to post an ecologic video series of True Ibiza Stories as a Video Podcast that teaches you how to live sustainably as people are doing it in ibiza. Hopefully this will shorten the learning curve for those who also wish to learn. My friends Louise and Natalia have even started a kind of service with ecologic fruit and veggies that are all grown local right here in Ibiza.

On the music side, I am involved in a ‘Classical Music’ project, the name of the group is ‘Be BACH’, we will perform this year after ages in the incubator. It is a mix selected of preludes and fuges of pure Johann Sebastian Bach, smashed with Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Dub, Funk and a few surprises throw in on top. The experience will totally titillate your senses! In recent years I have been starting Radio Shows from their inceptions and building them up and increasing their global followings as well as working in the Dance Music Industry as a Radio Show host for live Dance Music Events. After three years at Amnesia Radio we were the dominators in the market and the show ‘Cocoon Radio Ibiza’ was infamous. We went from unknown to known in Live Streaming Radio in three years, and had a blast in the process.

So now this year I will look to do the same just in a larger market on a bigger scale. I can announce for 2012 that I will take over as host of the ‘Dance Trippin Radio’ show and I will continue to give coverage of the most sought after events in the Dance Music Industry with top artists at the industries cutting edge. However instead of just local Ibiza Dance Music Events it will happen on a global scale. Dance Music Events are still the place where people come together spreading positive vibes to the world. And so I plan to take ‘Dance Trippin Radio’ to the next level in terms of brand recognition, quality of content delivery and size their global audience. As a brand, is going to continue to bring a diverse range of products and events to the public. The clothing label is releasing the FAT STINKY T-Shirt line as well as the new line of T’s For 2012 and more. Also this summer Miss Luna and I will release the Single ‘Ibiza Love Story’ with remixes by ‘Patrick Bo’ and a star studded cast of remixers as well as my first novel ‘True Ibiza Stories’ that is presently available digitally on and will be available in print in Merchandise shops in ibiza this summer. It’s a must-read for all lovers of Ibiza & Humanity. You can catch the True Ibiza Stories Radio Show on Ibiza Global Radio this summer. Loosing yourself and finding yourself and LOVE while pursuing your passion!

d: Some words to Ibiza in 2012, how do you see the island?

Miss Luna: I hope that the general commercial cheesiness is not spilling over too much here. Ibiza has to remain the spirit of musical creativity, new ideas and sounds.

Q de Rhino: I see way too many Chemtrails in Ibiza, I know they are almost everywhere in Europe. I hope 2012 is the year people locally speak about the issue because its ultimately a farming community and this affects all of us. So I hope we as an international community can raise awareness about the issue. Also I see a lot of people who have packed up their lives and moved from their hometowns to come to ibiza to begin their lives again. I see the island as beautiful as she has always been. She will stay magic, as times change and people pass her shores and beaches she stays the same and allows a possible sanctuary for those who want to slow down a little – even if it’s only for an instant. I see people coming who are truly ready for something different.

However I also see Ibiza with less places for people to camp out and enjoy the nature if they don’t have so much money. And the prices in some places always reflect the times but in Ibiza you can find one item for three Euros in one place and the same item for three thousand Euros in another and in both those places the people paying the money felt very satisfied and happy with their purchase. It is not about the price, in the end it is about the feeling they were transferred during the process. This will be the reason why they will return and pay it again – or not. Some will some won’t but we must remember to offer the full spectrum of options for all who wish to experience the magic with pure hearts, Ibiza is not exclusively for those with big wallets. When you remember your most amazing Ibiza experiences, do you remember that they were RICH PEOPLE or do you remember that they were REAL PEOPLE? Lucky for us in Ibiza we have the Real-ionaires, when you meet one you feel honored because you sense the power in their harmonic balance, not because you know the power of their bank balance.

d: Your favorite spots in Ibiza? Where can people find you?

Miss Luna: In the very centre of Playa d´en Bossa, situated directly next to Bora Bora, there is a little oasis called ‘Delano Beach Club’ where we do our party ‘Fat Stinky’ feat. Children of The Sun, with music and performance by ourselves and invited DJs and artists, massage, shop and many surprises more…..every saturday 13 h until the sun goes down…..

Q de Rhino: Well my favorite spot in Ibiza changes constantly, because the island has endless beauty to discover, but for the most part it’s in the lab and studios of friends or chilling at Botiga Can Jordi. Vincent the owner has one of, if not ‘the best’, Rock & Blues music collections on the island. Mix that with his amazing upbeat and clever humor, with service from the Staff that makes you feel at home where ever you may have come from, it is the pueblos’s living room and it’s always a must for me to stop in. Vincent has an amazing collection of all the Great Hits and all the B-sides and groups you never heard of and every friday there is a live gig and the place transforms into a great rock or blues gig, or you get folk music by some group of travelling musicians and locals.

My favourite place to eat Is Como in Santa Gertrudis, Menno the owner is always on hand and is like your best friend from back home, and Ben in the kitchen with his staff is to Food what Picasso is to Art. They create ‘Succulent Exquisite Masterpieces’ that don’t cost you a fortune, they just leave you ‘spellbound’. The terrace is one of my favorites because it reminds you of what New York must have been like 300 years ago with a modern wi-fi connected twist. Como also has the fastest internet in the area, it is a great place to have as a meeting point since it’s at the geographic center of the island. Nagai is my favourite place to grab a low key Sushi out of town in the north of the island when you are looking for a little more than just dinner. Great food and atmosphere and the staff and owners are there to make you feel like you just inherited a Sushi restaurant. My live Band ‘Souldreamer’ which is a Rock & Soul Fusion project will play there every friday in june and july on the garden terrace. And of course on the beach front Playa d’en Bossa is the rave this year again and every saturday you can catch us from one in the afternoon in the sunshine at DELANO Beach Club this summer for CHILDREN OF THE SUN a.k.a ‘FAT STINKY’.

d: What is going to happen on the 21st of December 2012?

Miss Luna: Honestly? Things are happening already, a big switch in the general consciousness can be done, but if this will be positive or negative depends on the kind of energy people will put into it. I don´t think the apocalypse will happen in the sense of everything crashes down suddenly….the direction our world will take is in the hands of all of us.

Q de Rhino: Hmm… That Is very interesting, well I think that what will happen will be a culmination of al of the cycles that the earth has been affected by. I think for us as humans on the physical plane we are really coming to the culmination of awakening as the games that governments have played on populations for ages deceive the people and steal their hope. And then throw in a little lottery and Slaystation and cross it with your hand-held spy on your 24/7 smartphone device and we better look at what’s gonna happen if nothing happens on December 21st…

CODEX alimentarius is going to starve us all to death of malnutrition as we get fat on bovine growth hormones in our milk mad cow on the plate and fluoride in the water. However, most people don’t even know what CODEX is but they can tell you who the top Football striker is. It is the reason you can’t buy eggs from the local farmer any more.

And if nothing happens in December we will still have so much to do don’t we? We have to find out how we can stop Monsanto from deciding for humanity what our great grandchildren will eat and whether or not we even have them because right now GMO foods are sterilizing us. Will we figure out that Agenda 21 is not here to help us and is deciding for humanity where we will live. Will they develop the international class action lawsuit that puts individuals responsible for rouge companies on trial for crimes against humanity? Will we still believe in over population when the global sperm count is on the run and falling off a cliff? Our population is obviously being culled and people are talking about the Barcelona-Madrid match. Who is talking about why the average family is having trouble making babies?

I think in december the bread and circuses crew that are trying to get the world hooked on genetically modified ‘MUSIC MEAT AND MAMA’S MILK’ will get exposed to the point that we may be able to regain the reigns, before those who reign flush the cart and the horse down the drain. There are people all over the world preparing for many great things so I think life will be different everywhere. We will be where we need to be, doing what we need to be doing, or we will be dead. So while we are still alive we will keep looking for ways to live more sustainably off the grid and learn to become better fathers, mothers, brothers and neighbours.

d: Last question, what do you think of dub Ibiza?

Miss Luna: First, the layout. And I like that the magazine shows the stories behind Ibiza and the music scene, going a bit deeper than others….. like here in this interview, too.

Q de Rhino: I think Dub Ibiza has been the ‘The Collective Diary’ of the voices, faces and hearts that have passed through the Island over the years. I really feel that it has a special place in Ibiza because dub was constantly going to places you hadn’t heard about yet letting you know some things that were shared between some friends that in its own subtle way had enormous impact on you, as a living loving feeling person – in ways no one else could. In other words, if you never met any one from Ibiza who was living the life and you stumbled on dub Magazine and just turned the pages, before long YOU WOULD GET IT. Get what? Get what we were up to, what we were laughing at until we cried. Why we were smiling, why some kept coming back year after year – and why some never left.

A random stranger I met on a beach told me once “the reason he moved to Ibiza was because he read the famous ‘Andy dub’ Editor’s Letter (read it here) about when your friends come to visit you in Ibiza in summer and expect you to be their fucking baby sitter. He said after reading that he realized for the first time that people really lived in ibiza all year round – so he moved here. As simple as that sounds, it sums up how powerful dub Ibiza is, it can change your Life. I think dub can help you get over the culture shock quicker and get on with letting your sphincter relax a bit and puts you on track with what’s really important in the universe and on the island. And if you doubt that is possible then you obviously have not been up to date with your dub. I recommend you spin a few Smokeys, put on some good music, get out your favorite bottle of liquid lubricant as you leaf through some back issues. I think dub Ibiza is the antidote to an absolutely perfect normal life if there is such a thing.

When you think back to your friends who have come to visit Ibiza from their perfectly normal lives it has actually been a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole for them. If Neo meet Morpheus for the first time on the island it would have been a similar speech when Morpheus explains that ‘unfortunately no one can be told what Ibiza is – you have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance after this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Or – you read dub Ibiza and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes – remember, all i’m offering is the truth – nothing more.

Peace of Mind.

d: Now that is what we call an interview! Thanx for your kind words, good luck with all your projects and see you soon somewhere in Ibiza. One love.


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