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Berlin Music Days 2013


From today onwards the Berlin Music Days – short BerMuDa take place in more than 40 clubs all around Berlin, including daytime events and parties all over the city. One of the panels is about the topic on ‘How not to become another Ibiza’ – so if you disagree with the massive hype about Ibiza trying to become another Las Vegas or Miami (not all of us but some very influential people would like to see it like that…) then you should probably book a ticket to Berlin right now.

Here is some general information:

Dear friends of electronic dance music, between 6th of November and 10th of November 2013, BerMuDa, the Berlin Music Days, aim to turn the attention of the members of the electronic music business back toward the dancefloor again.Known as the capital of electronic music, Berlin has claimed this title for a couple of years now and its clubs enjoy notoriety around the world.

Every week, thousands of music fans flock to Berlin and delve right into the city’s extensive nightlife. By mirroring this eclectic mix, BerMuDa enables a glimpse of Berlin’s rich musical melange, squeezed into five November nights and days, as well as the close-knit community of related clubs, art, fashion and industry behind it.BerMuDa is an alliance of approx. 40 clubs which are of pivotal importance to the festival.

They will serve as a novel, city-wide “music trade fair” for clubbers, ravers, musicians, labels and music biz pros from around the world.For it´s fifth edition of the festival, BerMuDa will kick it up a notch with an even more comprehensive programme and line-up. The festival’s club nights (BerMuNights, Wednesday to Sunday) will be supplemented by several daytime activities (BerMuDays) scattered all across the city. These varied events will examine and highlight all aspects of the electronic music scene and showcase the city’s love of electronic music throughout the festival’s duration.

BerMuDa Lab

Those of you who want to get a profound insight into the contemporary issues of the German Clubscene or want to take part in an exchange of information on a level playing field should attend the BerMuDa Lab. This year it will take place in Ritter Butzke. This conference was brought to life in 2012 and is the newest addition to the BerMuDa Konzept.

What BerMuDa states about themselves:

BerMuDa is a festival for the scene – by the scene. We are not interested nor do we care how attractivbe or innovative we are compared to Paris, London, or any other city for that matter. Berlin does not have prove itself to anyone when it comes to electronic dance music. Which is why we, the people behind BerMuDa, rather focus on Berlin’s electronic dance music industry and to connect its key players to provide our guests a genuine insight to 40 different club venues.

To us, it’s not about sales numbers and money. We are simply interested in music culture, since we’ve been working and living in it for years. Real creative networks are always based on the foundation of social and personal relation, not through anonymous musicbusiness networks. All employees and helpers at BerMuDa come from those structures – which is what makes our festival authentic“ – Elena Woltemade (project manager)

This year, the team has focused on coordinating the label -and club nights, and to push through the daytime events and conference. The goal is to offer the right framework for an exchange of ideas and learning between real creators and interested audiences. This especially provides the opportunity to musicians, DJs, and event organizers to present their work and to make new contacts.

The FLY festival at Tempelhof Aiport does not fit into this concept and will not, contrary to some errounous reports, take place this year. We, the people behind BerMuDa, have rather chosen to turn to new formats, BerMuDa CONCERTS and BerMuDa BOOKS, which complement the unique musical program offered by the festival.

An overview of the BerMuDa events:

BerMuDa NIGHTS – The nights in Berlin will be filled with label showcases and club nights, late bar evenings and afterhours. The program for these five nights have been carefully selected, especially for BerMuDa. (The full program is available on


Arena – Asphalt – Brunnen70 – Cassiopeia – Chalet – Cookies – Echo Echo – Fiese Remise Fluxbau – Goldengate – Gretchen – Humbolthain – Kater Holzig – Kosmonaut – Luzia Loftus Hall – Magdalena – Mein Haus am See – Minimalbar – Postbahnhof – Pride Prince Charles – Ritter Butzke – Rummels Perle – Shift – Solar – Südblock Süß war gestern – Suicide Circus – SO36 – Tausend Bar – Tresor – Trust Bar Watergate – Weekend – Velvet


Kater Mukke – Heinz Music – Diynamic – Stil vor Talent – Ritter Butzke Studio – Mobilee – URSL – Liebe*Detail – Get Physical – Souvenir – BPitch Control – OFF Recordings – Harry Klein – Clap your Hands – 8 Bit – Watergate Records

BerMuDa CONCERTS –A new kid in the BerMuDa family, although the lineup is anything but childish. Electronic music meets pop, jazz, or fusion. Internationally acclaimed artist will preform in exciting locations. “Hot Chip” and “Hercules & Love Affair”, among others.

BerMuDa DAYS – These are our day events: the conference, readings, and much more in the city’s many clubs.

BerMuDa CONFERENCE – Consisting of De:Bug Musiktechniktage and the BerMuDa LAB in Ritter Butzke, with Just Music in Kreuzberg, and with Noisy in Friedrichshain. (The full program and tickets are available on:

DE:BUG Musiktechniktage – No BerMuDA wihout the DE:BUG. From the 7th till 9th of November in Ritter Butzke and with Just Music. There will be workshops covering all areas of music technology: from spinning records to live performace, from basement hobby room to studio recording, covering the entire hardware spectrum.

BerMuDa LABS – How are our working conditions and what do we actually do all day? What significance does gentrification have on the way we want to work? How could city policys help us develop and take our life – and work conditions seriously, rather than just precariously and disturbingly advertise us?

BerMuDa BOOKS – Literature on electronic music and Berlin’s club culture, read in selected bars by the authors themselves (No entry fee)

more info:

BerMuDa on Facebook // Berlin Music Days

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