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to be or not to be at tv

Hello Igor, long time no speak, good to have you back in dub. We never lost sight, and now is the perfect moment to meet again.

For those who don’t know you, tell us how you got to create Ibiza Sonica?


Sonica was launched nine years ago with very little resources but a lot of illusion. Me personally i came from working for radio at the Costa del Sol, then in Ibiza for Cadena 100 and Global Radio. We decided to create our own platform and break up the common rules of radio. Not broadcasting publicity and working out our own sound we soon gained the support of the industry. Not only from DJs and promoters but the proper listener won favor with it, beating all our expectations.

Ibiza Sonica is a media occupying its part in the life of Ibiza throughout the last (almost) ten years. About seven years ago the internet converted us into an international media, and five years ago, with the introduction of the social networks, we got to know our listeners. We evolved every single day… in our programming and our business model. Work in progress every day.

Who forms part of the ‘Sonica’ family?

My friend and partner Miguel Valverde who is the shadow worker. He who really cares about the development and structure of the radio. An impeccable professional who is a pleasure to work with. My wife Cristina takes care of the image, develops the campaigns and creates new concepts, crucial elements of the radio. Shams Faure is the coordinator of all stations, the keystone to keep the wheels turning. Karlos Sense inserts his musical vision and his voice into the radio. Our technicians always in progress sweating to make it all sound. Patricia dedicates her part to the social networks overwiewing our sonic universe and Sandra brings in her vision to develop new projects. Matthias and Becky are our voices for live broadcasts, Ernesto is organizing the tour, Valentin Huedo is our inhouse DJ and surely… a great number of collaborators who actually give soul to the radio.

Many years went by since you started, people now value what you have achieved but the way to get there surely was long and tough, apart from all the illusion one has to sacrifice himself, no?

Absolutely! But it is the kind of sacrifice that doesn’t hurt as much because we do what we like. We are not the same after nine years… we have grown and refined ourselves. We are more professional and a lot better prepared. There are the one or another tough moments but the general output is without any doubt very positive. And believe me or not it costs to remember the bad moments, or better said, I can tell you a lot of sweet moments.

What are the characteristics one needs to lead a radiostation in Ibiza?

Sometimes you need to be the father and sometimes the big brother. To keep the team motivated is a constant challenge. To listen and treat well is essential. To be the Boss is a real defiance, and believe me… it’s not easy as you work with people that become your friends. From an industrial aspect the radio has to broadcast almost 24 hours.

Already a while ago i heard about Be-AT.TV, now that you have joined forces tell us about this company?

It is a leading company in broadcasting events via streaming videos online and via apps. They host incredible content, including the best festivals around the globe. Besides the live broadcasts, their video archive is unique. Their productions are unconstrained and it is definitely the best option to enjoy a party or festival without leaving your home.

How did this fusion come to life?

It is a sum up of talent, it was a natural process. For many years we coincided in many festivals so a collaboration became the most obvious. After a year of negotiations doing some events together like the showcase in Tulum at the BPM festival we found the formula to exchange stocks, resulting in supplying media for Ibiza Sonica.

We launched our union celebrating an event called ‘ONE’ in the port of Ibiza for everybody, no doors, with Guy Gerber, Matthias Tanzmann, Nic Fanciulli, Reboot and Melanie Ribbe, Harvard Bass, Dosem, Jose Padilla, GC and myself playing. The joy was immense, a festival production in less than 10 days.


What are the benefits of a fusion of those both worlds, well it’s not really two worlds as they got a lot in common?

Our viewers / listeners will benefit from a bigger and better content. Technology will lead to a simpler and more effective access to this content, and the artists will surely participate in it through broadcasting their music. The events will have another range, all is for the better, and the public will notice this.

You got different channels under your umbrella, will it all continue as it is or what will be the changes for the listener?

Soon we will broadcast on a new dial, 92,4 FM. There will be slight improvements in the content and we will work out a perfect programming that works 100% for us. Ibiza Sonica will gain in clarity and intensivity. In terms of the other stations they will improve having access to new and better content. And we will grow, adding more channels under our umbrella.

This means a great achievement for the radio and for yourself, how do you feel?

Happy – with the sensation that it is the begining of something. Via this union our position as directors is fortified and we can focus on what we really like to do. The communication with the whole BE-AT team is excellent and we can’wait to embark new projects together. Ray Smith is an incredible person and will contribute a lot of value to the company. He knows how to handle things.

Talking about your profession as DJ, how do you manage both worlds?

Better than ever. I find myself in a very lovely moment in my life and professional carreer. The professional part of being a DJ and director of Ibiza Sonica is a pleasure. Both worlds are interconnected and feed each other. Improving my carreer as DJ helps me to understand a lot of things in radio in terms of programming, and the radio provides me access to a huge amount of music, plus getting lots of proposals to play in clubs all over the globe. As I am not a producer it equilibrates with my knowledge about diffusion of music through radio.

How do you see the island this year?

Better than ever too. Enough of all the pessimistic comments about the islands condition. To all those telling that  Ibiza is not the same as it was i ask one question – “you are the same you were?” For me the island is impeccable, with new proposals, with variety. One thing though is true, it has its price. This is not a cheap island, but all the travellers know the score anyway. Ibiza offers a huge variety and amount of leisure to the tourist, it is a very diverse island. And it maintains its charme, maybe in a more discrete and intimate way, but as powerful as ever.

Two anecdotes from Ibiza Sonica: What was the most crazy moment you lived?

Without any doubt HOSH’s birthday two years ago. We left the CDLN boat in Formentera in a Zodiac equipped with a soundsystem in true musical pirate style, arrived at the restaurant El Pirata where we set up the party broadcasting the whole night. SOLOMUN didn’t want to stop playing so the captain left without us. The following year on our way to do it again they told us that the Guardia Civil was waiting for us so we changed plan and left for a secret beach (a republic we love), collected the phones from all attendants so nobody could call anybody to inform them about the party and we set up a great one with Solomun, HOSH, UNER and David August playing, broadcasting it from a secret location.

Hmmmmm, collecting the phones – great move! And the most surprising one?

Organizing the ‘ONE’ festival for thousands of people with an impressive production over ten days resulting in a real challenge… This one and also the event we put together in Tulum for the BPM festival were the most spectacular ones, counting on the grateful comments in each direct broadcast we did. Or the calls of international DJs arriving to Ibiza asking “Hey Igor, how is Sonica? Can i play some records?”

How do you see the election of Joan Ribas as deputy of the mayor?

He was my colleague in Radio, and he is a colleague as DJ, apart from being a great person and family guy. I invited him personally to attend the ‘ONE’ festival but he excused himself saying he has other commitments, not being able to rest for a single moment. The president of the association of local traders in the port gave me a hug and thanked us for organizing and paying an event of such scale activating the local depressed economy. I wish Joan all the best and hope he is aware of the importance of music for the advancement of the island, remembering where he comes from knowing how to measure with deliberateness the vicinal problems that the touristic engine of Ibiza can cause during the hundred days of season.

And finally, how do you see dub now, after fifteen years of existence?

dub is a reference, unique in its form. There is no other publication in Ibiza reflecting both sides of the island. The industry and its magic. I consider it being a magazine containing enriching content in a benefitial format. Congratulations Andy, Frank and all the team, you are marvellous. dub dub dub!!!


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Ibiza Sonica // Be At TV

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