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15.07.2013 // Text: Andreas Simon // Pix: artiG

Editor’s Letter Online July 2013

This one is not so much about Ibiza but something that affects all of us and its outcome is noticeable everywhere – the every day more common total control of our governments over what we do, how we do it, when and with whom. No, I’m not talking about sex but almost everything that includes our daily lives. Cities like London or Paris have the highest number of cameras that capture almost every corner of the whole city and everybody knows but nobody seems to care about it.

Man of the moment Edward Snowden is no hero, he did what everybody in his situation believing in real democracy should have done, to give the information to the people to decide whether we agree with it or not. He definitely did nothing wrong, he did not work for any foreign country nor tried to enrich himself with this information, he simply shared it.

The real danger behind it is that by mentioning things they can become common, we start to get used to them, and if our personal freedom is in danger it is the beginning of the end. George Orwell already knew in 1948, when he wrote one of the most famous books of all time – 1984, what are the fatal consequences of a totalitarian government, and it seems like we are right on the highway towards it. What seems to be a liberate world is in reality a world of controlled media and manipulated information to keep the majority of us citizens of the ‘First World’ in fear and search for security in a truly perverted way.

The end of this frenzy is that we all stay isolated in our little apartments feeling safe by being controlled in order to protect us from the bad guys, the evil, whatever this is supposed to be. According to Orwell we will as well have massive TV screens that have to be switched on 24/7 being capable to not only broadcast but record what is going on in what is left over from our private life, and that was in 1949 – he came pretty close to it.

Another one of my favourite writers is Aldous Huxley, his most famous book is ‘Brave New World’, published for the first time in 1932, talking about more or less the same, a world which seems to be perfect but where all people are completely brainwashed and all that think different are deported merciless to special camps where they are submitted to special treatments to see if they can be reintegrated in society or need to ‘disappear’. Sounds familiar somehow as well, no?

Who knows what the webcam in our computer is doing? Am i being watched right now as i write these words? And is it possible that by capturing the strokes on my keyboard they record the words i write? This sounds Science Fiction to you? Well i can tell you it is not, all of this is reality, the only good thing about it is the fact that the amount of information is so unimaginably high that they can not control it all and installed some kind of filters to detect the ones that use indexed words in order to detect them. In this article there are about 25 of them :)

The only hope i see is that out of all the revelations people like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange bring to us we will use the technical progress against the ones in charge trying to get total control. Hopefullly there is a bunch of programmers that will invent coding software impossible to be decoded so we can write mails again knowing that the only person who will be able to read it is the one we want to. And regarding the webcam just put a sticker on top when you don’t use it, as simple as that. If you have a little McGiver in you then here you find a plan to build your own little device to blind your IP adress to ban anyone who wants to spy you.

And for all you social networkers, be aware that you expose yourself to everybody who wants to know about you, whatever information you post is the image you leave as your digital fingerprint, even if you delete the information afterwards it is still available forever, they do tell you in the contract you sign by opening an account.

One last thing, this whole ‘cloud’ thing is nothing else than more of the same, how can you expect a virtual server where you store your personal information to be absolutely safe? The only way to be sure about where you store your personal data is and stays a traditional hard drive that you plug in when you need it and unplug when you don’t, knowing that unless somebody physically takes it nobody will have access to it.

To end this short essay about mind control i want to say that we never had easier access to information than today but that does not mean that this information is the truth, everybody is free to search the web for whatever they want to find, just be aware that no written or spoken word, no picture, no movie or other content is necessarily what it seems to be.

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