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14.02.2019 // Text: andreas simon // Pix: artiG

Editor’s Letter 1902

It’s been a while since I wrote an editor’s letter, not that there is nothing to say but it just didn’t feel right for some reason. But there are a few things i do want to address, especially now that the island is blossoming and we all wake up slowly but steadily from hibernation mode.

First of all this is a very important year as we got elections coming up and the island is at a crucial moment in terms of what the future will bring. It is still a mistery to me why almost no political party has anything to say about how to handle our music policy, it seems like none of them wants to scare their voters to not lose their support. But wait a moment, isn’t that exactly what political parties should do? It has become so common to make promises before the elections and not to abide by them after, and the public is behaving far too passive and let them get away with it. By the way, did you know that if you register to vote and don’t do so your blank vote goes to the party with the majority? So think twice if you go to vote when you are enabled to do so. I say enabled because we residents do have a right to vote, if we claim it, and we should desperately do so, because there are approx. 27.000 residents living on Ibiza, of a total amount of approx. 150.000 inhabitants, that is almost 30%, so we do have quite a weight. Unfortunately the date to register for this year’s elections was the 30st of January, and yes we did remember our followers on our social networks, so we hope we could do our part and raise the number of residents using their right to vote.

We do not encourage you to vote for one party or another, as we live in a democracy everybody has the right to choose who deserves their vote, we just ask you to think wisely and don’t fall for false promises, there are many populists out there who will tell you everything you want to hear just to gain power and reveal their real face when elections are over. Just look to the US and see what is going on there, POTUS no. 45 is the perfect example of how not to run a democracy but ruin it, to me already the electoral slogan revealed what he is up to – „America First“ can not mean anything good, but that he wouldn’t even comply with his own slogan and replace it with „Me and Mine first“ and is still in charge clearly shows how corrupt and rotten this system really is. In my very personal opinion the US did not deserve better, HC wasn’t the right choice either so in order to learn it the hard way this had to happen. Now, if in 2020 there is no better candidate to represent the Republicans and the Democrats have no strong oponent either, well… But I still am an optimist, so I am pretty sure most of the damage he has done in 4 years can be reversed.

It does feel good to be back, to end hibernation and to get things done, spring is around the corner and you better start early with all necessary preps for the season. We got a few surprises coming up, more to it in the following letters.



you better be good.

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