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13.05.2017 // Text: andreas simon // Pix: jon izeta

6 chefs six plates at meke

If you ever come around the San Juan road passing the new roundabout at Sagastell i strongly advise you to take a right after approx. 300 meters opposite of Bar Torres – if you pass the agricultural center you will find a place on the back side that breathes the real spirit of Ibiza – the headquarter of Cafés Meke.

They specialize in ‘ethically sourced world coffees craft roasted in Ibiza’ – i could not say it shorter and more precise. On top they offer training for their clients on how to get it all right, including technical support and maintenance of espresso machines, including a full range of quality accessoires and equipment – so to say there is no more excuse for serving bad coffee on the island.

The reason i passed by there on May 5th was not to get just a great coffee but a degustation of 6 dishes carefully elaborated by 6 different chefs showcasing their favourite creation. Sounds mouthwatering? Wait until you read further…

What i first noticed and really loved is the fact that it was nothing too fancy, all rustic and natural, authentic and friendly, no boring VIP showcase, ukwis. As you can see in the pictures the people who attended were a healthy mix of ages, styles and nationalities – totally Meke style i would say.

Another great extra was the bar alongside the terrace where one could try all sorts of fermented drinks, one more delicious than the other, freshly prepared on the spot.

Talking about the chefs and dishes would take too long, let me just say i loved the fact that each of them stood on a stool to present themselves and their dish, entertaining the audience with the story behind their creation and like this preparing each one of us for what was there to come.

Here is a listing of the chefs, their creations and what they were made of, in order of appearance:

*Max – ninja chef

Avocado, asparagus and pistachio salad with pancetta and lavender


King balls of kimchi pate with amaranth, filled with a dressing of chile seco and goat kefir on a vine leaf

*Chínamî Cruz

Japanese vegetarian Negimiso spring rolls

*The Fermentistas

Seared tuna on nori rice and tamari seeds with an array of their homemade ferments to compliment

*Francesc Condal Mill

Sous-vide spring lamb shoulder marinated with garlic and rosemary, cumin & carrot purée, vino rancio lamb jus, served on flat bread.

*Suzanne Brownstein

Oreo based cheesecake with fruit of the forest coulis.

So what more can i say? The whole event lasted easily for about three hours that passed by in an instant, everybody was enjoying this lovely atmosphere and i am pretty sure most of them will eagerly await the next happening to return to this wonderful place.

Ah, and my personal favourite was, with all my due respect to the other five dishes, the desert – a perfect mix of sweet and sour, and the presentation was something like ‘enough with all the healthy stuff, let’s have some sugar, fat and gluten’, so to say balm for all senses.


more info:

Address: Cafés Meke – Lugar Venda de Safragell, 154, 07812 Sant Joan de Labritja, Islas Baleares

Phone971 32 50 58

web Meke here.



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