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We all know that, after the heavy period of applying pesticides in the 70’s and 80’s our beloved multi-national food companies like Monsanto (the evil of all) had to withdraw their products (e.g. Round Up) from the market because at some point even they had to admit that pesticides are more than harmful to our health.

But instead of searching for ways of supplying healthy food to the people they were once more into how they could sell their products, which research costing them millions of dollars to develop them, in another form to us. So they invented GM food, means Genetically Modified food, being this the most advanced manner to poison us on the long run so far.

What means GM? Genetically modified food (or GM food) is food derived from genetically modified organisms (GMO). Genetically modified organisms have had specific modifications introduced into the DNA via genetic engineering techniques. These techniques are a lot more precise than mutagenesis (mutation breeding) where an organism is exposed to radiation or chemical treatment to create a non-specific but very stable change in the genetic structure.

So what does that really mean? Imagine you got a corn cob that is naturally vulnerable to vermins of different kinds and you insert a gene of a pesticide into the genetic formula of the corn cob in order to kill the vermins when they try to eat it. Practically spoken if a vermit eats a GMO corn cob its stomach would literally explode, so there is no need to spray anything on top, the corn cob itself is resistant to the vermit.

Sounds genious – but, if you think it to the end, what happens if a human eats this corn cob? Due to the sheer size of our stomach it will not cause the same disaster as in the vermit but on a small scale it will do the same. And on top the corn cob with its modified genetic structure is not considered f food any more by our immune system as the genetic code is different to the real, natural cob. In the USA the food intolerance is heavily rising, especially in very young kids as their body does not know what to do with this food and builds antibodies against it, leading to allergies and worse.

Here in Europe it is forbidden to produce GM food and all imported food has to be labelled as GM food if it is genetically modified. In any case it is very well important that you read what is written on the packaging of any food that comes from outside the EU, most probable you will find the GMO label on any food that contains soy.

To find out more about GMO we present you a series of links to documentaries you should take the time to watch very carefully. Here they are:

Controlling our food

 The future of food

The future of food part 2

A brief discussion about the movies ‘the future of food’

And for a more general view on what is and could be happening on our planet:

Life at the end of Empire

For sure there is no perfect documentary and all have issues to be discussed, but generally this information should be familiar to anybody who is concerned about a healthy and sustainable future – which is the only way we will survive. As always we do not guarantee the truth told by these documentaries but we  are ‘just’ some conscious consumers that are indeed very aware of what we eat as this means what we are.

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