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jamie jones – tales from the crypt

ARTIST: JAMIE JONES TITLE: TALES FROM THE CRYPT LABEL: CROSSTOWN REBELS Jamie Jones' most long-awaited long player on Crosstown Rebels confirms once more the outstanding qualitites of the actual number one DJ/Producer so far. Electro clashed tracks full of irresistible grooves, most heavy basslines and cooperations with different artists ...  more
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07.06.2012 Text: // Pix: artig

No te puedes bajar una cerveza.

Imagínate esto: tener el valor y el coraje para de repente dejar un trabajo,  con un buen sueldo que te llega al final del mes pero no al corazón, para seguir el sueño de tu vida que es hacer música. Invertir dinero que apenas tienes en equipos de un nivel suficientemente alto para poder grabar pistas con el fin de sacarlas. Pasar por un ...  more
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04.06.2012 Text: // Pix: lytro

lytro camera – a revolution

One of the must-haves in the future is a new generation of cameras incorporating not just one lense but hundreds, just like the eye of a reptile. What advantage comes from this? The lenses capture the whole light field, making it possible to first shoot the picture and then later decide which part of the picture you want to focus. Sounds ...  more
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7 consejos para aguantar el verano

A CONTINUAR TE PRESENTAMOS UNOS CONSEJOS MUY UTILES PARA AGUANTAR LA LOCURA DEL VERANO DEVOLVIENDO A TU CUERPO LO QUE NECESITA PARA MANTENERSE EN FORMA: Lo más útil y natural es sin duda el Aloe Vera, lo encontrarás casi en cualquier sitio de Ibiza, puedes comprarte una planta o usar un rebrote de la planta de un amigo y plantarlo en casa. ...  more
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02.06.2012 Text: // Pix: b. hubrich / c. turner

(English) Plan Be

'Only actors, no spectators' - that were the words i heard from Sam Dean, the manager of brandnew club Plan Be, asking him about the concept of this new venue. 'The last few years Ibiza went only in one direction, more VIP and more selection of who might be important and who not - here you will not find anything like that. You can book no table, ...  more
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29.05.2012 Text: // Pix: artig

Now this is something very outstanding, adapting an equally outstanding and unnecessary car to the needs of our time, it is nothing less than - an electric Hummer. The MEV HUMMER HX™ offers you the chance to own a piece of history. General Motors closed the HUMMER automotive plant in 2010, right on the brink of releasing the incredible HX™ ...  more
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29.05.2012 Text: // Pix: andreas simon

Le Freak

This year's IMS was very diverse with a great roster of Artists to appear and perform. To name just a few it was the likes of Giorgio Moroder,, The Japanese Popstars, Azari & III plus the ones i will forget here. But who impressed me by far the most, and i know i am not alone with this opinion, was the panel with Nile Rodgers, one ...  more
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Heaven Sent

d: Hello you two, fantastic to have you here on our new homepage - you are one of the first interviews we do related to music so it is our big pleasure. First of all, how did your names come to life, Miss Luna and Q de Rhino? Miss Luna: Hi! it´s our pleasure. Well, my name came to me quite naturally because I have always been fascinated by the ...  more
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14.05.2012 Text: // Pix: artig

Queridisimos amigos

Queridísimos amigos, El hecho de que vivamos en Ibiza no nos convierte automáticamente en multimillonarios y no nos pasamos todo el día en la playa –cada día– para lograr el bronceado perfecto. Tampoco salimos de fiesta cada noche como si fuera la última de nuestro maravilloso mundo de ensueño ibicenco y no vamos a los restaurantes más ...  more
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14.05.2012 Text: // Pix: artiG

(English) The Buddha of Atlantis

  There are certain things that really impress me in Ibiza - one is the incredible painting of a Buddha or Brahma in Atlantis, painted by a japanese artist in the 70s. When i first saw it about 20 years ago it was one of those special moments you never ever forget. Walking down Atlantis i had a guide teaching me the history of this magical ...  more
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