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 “Sadja” means ‘the musical key of the soul’, and “Ran” means desert in ancient Hindi and all together sounding great.

It is a live deep house project born to not only make music but to get the opportunity to get out of the nut shell that is the studio to perform live.

The two parts of Sadja Ran are Anne Rani and Illinton, Anne is originally from Denmark with a Sri Lankan cover means she is adopted from Sri Lanka by Danish parents when she was a baby, a Sri Lankan visual which is hard to hide if you see her. She used to be in a girl group called ‘Juice’ in the 90’s signed to EMI/Chrysalis that went to no. 1 twice in Denmark, Touring Europe , Asia and performing on some of the worlds biggest stages as Wembley Arena in UK, Ahoy in Rotterdam and the Globe in Sweden hosting 15.000-20.000 people just to mention a few,  then worked with several artists including danish rapper MC Clemens winning the Danish National Radio award for best Hip Hop song of the year and appearing on a children Christmas movie soundtrack called “Pyrus” that sold Platinum. Asking her if success satisfies she states ‘of course it does, your music gets appreciated and you are in all the media, it is not you singing in front of a mirror but your music gets heard and you get a massive feedback. For sure you can not make music to get famous, you first have to really love it and stand up to it and if then success comes in it is a win/win situation.’

Illinton is as well born in Denmark but moved to London in 1992 to later move a while to Los Angeles and New York, then back to London to finally arrive in Ibiza in 2009. He is a highly experienced producer, composer and pianist, a multi instrumentalist from early age, his experience in Jazz, Funk, Latin, Chillout, Electronica and Film music is as diverse as impressive. His superhuman flair with the piano and sound have landed him with names like: Angie Brown, Queen Latifah, Karsh Kale, Ricardo Da Force (KLF), Gary Dourdan (CSI), Franke (Kox Box) and David Lynch, to mention a few. As well as film score for the award winning movie “Ma Salama Jamil” and music for the Golden Globe winning TV show CSI. His first record “Kaos” with the band “Dr. Baker” performed at “Ku” before it became “Privilege” in 1989 here on Ibiza.

Both met in 2007 via Illinton’s cousin that worked on a movie project and clicked immediately, so they started to produce music together under her name that went to no. 4 on BBC Radio One charted by Bobby Friciton and Nihal followed by a half hour live interview on air and got huge world wide radio and DJ support including Ibiza as well by Ibiza Sonica Radio and Ibiza Global Radio but this year they decided to create a band together with a new name, as Illinton says ‘Sadja Ran sounded great and, very important, it is unique, nobody else is called Sadja Ran.’ That is indeed very important, if you google your name and find 1.3 million results that are not about you but all the others with the same name then you will have a hard time to succeed…

Asking about their musical roots Anne says ‘Prince, Madonna, George Michael, Michael Jackson, they all were hanging as posters in my teenage room, then i went into the whole R n’ B thing and later got involved in electronic music. Illinton was influenced by ‘Depeche Mode, Jimmy Hendrix, Kraftwerk, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, then Jean Michel Jarre, The Orb, KLF, Todd Terry and the whole 90’s dance thing was a big influence for me as well.’ Both play the same instrument, the Piano, Illinton is a skilled Jazz Pianist who played all over the world, he as well plays the Drums and on top he is a real nerd when it comes to synthesizers and computer-based programs to produce music, create sounds and mixing ‘I got my first synthesizer when I was fourteen and got immediately hooked on it.’

Asking on where can people find them they are very active on social media like Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and more besides their own website which is almost finished, you will find all the links at the end of this article. Here on the island they are ready to do some performances, did already a few on private parties but they say, and this is very true, ‘when the season starts all people that could actually do something for you are suddenly not available any more as summer’s craze is sucking them in, we will watch out from Autumn onwards when the bookings for next year are done. Until then we will keep releasing to build up our name.’

They are looking as well outside of Ibiza, Anne says ‘anywhere where there is sun and palmtrees is a perfect location for us and our music.’ Sounds like a very good plan to me. Musicwise they want to spread their music on different labels to cover different scenes to get heard, which is the most important thing anyway. Knowing that Sadja Ran only counts on four months of existence and already released two albums, one more chill-out orientated and one deep house album it becomes clear that they will not rest until they get heard by a greater audience.

One outstanding thing that keeps coming up is when people hear them playing and singing most of them think they play on top of other tracks and, when finding out that it is all entirely produced by themselves, are overwhelmed by the quality of their music. And i can only confirm that, their music is going straight to the heart, from there to the hips and up into your neurones, making you move with a dreamy smile on your face. The combination of Illinton’s skills as a producer and Anne’s voice are highly addictive, one could say it is almost too sweet but this will be the key to their success.

Asking them for their perfect day Illinton starts with ‘waking up in the morning, having a nice smoke while watching our blue sky in Ibiza, having a good cup of coffee to then move to the studio making some phat tunes until late, then a good party and an even better after, that is a perfect day to me.’ Anne is not so much into studio work, she as well makes working on music part of her perfect day but she likes as well to get out there and catch some inspirations while socializing. A perfect combination they are.

Why did they come to Ibiza? Anne’s answer is quite easy, ‘300 days of sun’, and Illinton says ‘it is the beautiful mix of people and the massive presence of dance music, Ibiza is the centre of dance music in the world throughout the summer, everybody wants to make it here and if you do so you actually really made it. And there is the sun, the sea and beaches, altogether it is THE place for me to be.’ Anne adds that ‘Ibiza is a rebel island, here you can easily get out of the nine-to-five routine and be what you want to be.’

A classic question i have to ask is the one of what they would change in Ibiza if they could, Anne shouts ‘the Internet connection! It should be lightning fast and for free.’ Illinton agrees totally and so do i, so please authorities out there, do something about that!

Now comes the last one about where people can find Anne and Illinton, he says ‘for beaching i prefer Pancake Beach and Cala LLeña, come with friends including your dog, do some scuba dive and have a great time. Anne has to visit Es Vedra regularly, ‘the view on it is just amazing, to recharge batteries and find your inner peace this spot is the one, the whole area with Atlantis and Cala d’Hort is pure magic.’ To catch some nice food they love Nagai on the road to San Juan , La Paloma in San Lorenzo or the organic Pizza in San Juan but at the end they prefer a nice long home cooking with or without friends as the ingredients here really are very good, Anne says ‘when you come from Denmark then all vegies taste of water, no matter what you eat, so getting some good ingredients and do some home cooking is of the finest you can get.’ To party both admit that they are no big clubbers, they prefer a private party rather than getting robbed in the clubs which is no fun at all.

Here are all relevant links to Sadja Ran:

and listen live to them here:

SADJA RAN – Deep House LIVE teaser from IBIZA

SADJA RAN – Chillout LIVE teaser from IBIZA

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