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keeping old habits

We are sitting with 5 guys from Bavaria in Germany called La BrassBanda, a very unusual act when it comes to fusion music as their style is truly unique and conquers hearts by storm all over the globe.

Nice to have some time with you. It´s a very interesting project you´re doin and your single “Tecno” is very outstanding. Please tell our readers, who don´t know you, a little bit about you. How do you started and what are your next plans?

We started 2007 with our band and played a lot in discotheques together with a DJ-set. So the DJ was playing his tunes and we with the horns added our sound to it. As we found out that the crowd likes it we thought we might make something own out of it. So Stefan (front singer) asked a couple of friends from his study if they were interested in being part of that project. It was and still is outstanding how that band is formed with trumpet, trombone, tuba, bass and drum. As none in Germany or Bavaria believed in that style of music the first concerts were played in serbia and the UK. After that we played around 500 shows within 4 years and still love to surprise people with our kind of music. This year we are playing lot of shows in Germany including a longer tour in November. For next year we haven’t made that many plans but in a way we would like to travel around a bit more in Europe.

You have some really cool remixes for this release. Will you continue to work with electronic producers?

We are pretty sure. As we also got lot of instrumental songs on our releases we believe that electronic producers could have lot of fun with our sound. And as we still love to go to clubs it is something special for us if we might listen to our own tracks on the dancefloor!

Your style is very unique. Which music inspires yourself?

As we all studied our instruments jazz and classic music is influencing the sound. The main music act Stefan was inspired from the Hypnotic Brass Band when he was once in New York. And we are quiet open for every kind of music. As well names like Chet Baker or the Foo Fighters….

Your music sounds life recorded. Where is your studio and how do you record your music? Is there anything you would recommend to new musicians/bands?

Most of the album is really played live during the recording. We tried out different locations for that release. The drums we recorded in an older farmer house near to lake Chiemsee. Most of the horns we recorded at Stefan’s house in a small village called Truchtlaching. We never went to a big recording studio for any of our albums. So for us it is really important that all songs can as well be played live – we don’t wanna produce songs where we are at the end standing on stage without knowing how we can arrange them. For young bands we can just recommend to play as often as possible. You need to practice your songs in front of an audience. There you wiil get the direct reaction how your songs work and how people like them. 

We saw your very impressive tour calendar. Are you playing the whole year? Do you have breaks?

This year we used the first period until June for producing the album. From June on we played a couple of support shows and started in July with our own tour. During the summer we added some breaks between the shows so that everyone got a bit time at home with their girlfriends and families. In October we will then start our club-tour and will play 24 shows nearly in one row. 

How is life non stop on the road?

Easier then expected. Our travel party is more like a big family. Everyone (technicians, mercer, bus-drivers) is important for us. It makes it all a bit easier. We try to keep some old habits so that we don’t ever get to that point that we can’t remember in what city we are. In a way everyone finds his own way to handle that much stress and waiting-time during a tour.

 What was your biggest show so far and which gigs are you looking for the most in the future?

There are a couple of shows we really kept in our minds: Roskilde 2009 was amazing – biggest own show was in Munich 2011 in Olympiahalle and then all the festivals of course. We all look forward to our shows in October/November. There a a couple of locations and festivals we really dream about to play there but let’s see if any of them will give us the chance to play…;)

You´re from Austria and you´re very famous in Germany. Which other countries you would love to play more and why?

Unfortunately we are all from Germany ;) every country in Europe and all over the world would be nice. We were in Russia, Simbabwe, United States and and and. Everywhere we found new friends and had great experiences. so we are open for booking requests. As well for IBIZA…..!!!!!

Thanks a lot for your time and we wish you all the best for your future.

This is the cover of their latest single:

 more info:

La BrassBanda



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