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hope for all humanity

Hello Nathan, a pleasure to have you in dub. Ibiza is a big small island and sooner or later people meet, mostly when it’s the right time. You run an Ibiza-based label called Haustronaut Recordings, are a producer, DJ and radio host. Tell us more about it all.

Let’s start from scratch, how did you get into music?

Hey Andreas, you’re totally right about the island being big small. Well, I guess it all started when I was 14. Learning how to scratch, cut and mix vinyl with hip hop records. We would sit for hours experimenting with techniques. This is before the internet so it was a crash course of trying different things. Using old soul and disco records with break beats and rap acapellas.

And when did you start to get involved yourself?

I was about 20 when the thoughts of taking it as a career entered my mind. I love all forms of art and poetry was a passion so rap was the first access point. Practiced for a year then did a show with Ice T which opened tons of doors.

What came first, playing music or producing?

Live was definitely producing and vocal stuff. I didn’t get back into spinning until years later. It was like riding a bike though, after all the production and live performances over the years, DJing was an inevitable return.


What was the first ‘machine’ you bought to make music?

Dr Rhythm 660 and a sp 808. Then it was all about the mpc 2000xl. Since then I’ve used countless machines, software, DAWs and keyboards. I’m all about Native Instruments Komplete in conjunction with Bitwig. Technology is incredible!

When and how did you get to Ibiza?

Physically in 2012 for IMS. We came to disrupt the SFX agenda and warn the heads about their plan of stock dropping and corporate roll up of the industry. Most didn’t listen by the way. lol… Spiritually, in 2008 when I had a crazy dream where a voice said very vividly “Evissa” and “Cthulhu”. I literally spent the next day trying to figure out what those words were and then a few days on why. When I arrived here, I knew instantly. Ibiza is the fountain.

You are playing in different radio stations, is radio a passion for you?

Radio is definitely a great medium. I’m on Ibiza Live Rdio on Monday at midnight with Vitamins and Beatlounge Radio with special shows live from Ibiza. The access to great audiences from around the world is paramount to sharing amazing records with everyone. People deserve the best of what we can deliver so radio is a great platform for this. Well except commercial radio. I can’t stand artistic stifling.

You are founder of ‘Haustronaut Recordings’, tell us more about this young label.

Yes, After deciding to stay here permanently in early 2014, I knew that a label was very important in beginning the foundation in which to grow and help others. A friend had laughed at me saying if I was gonna stay out here and not go back to LA, that i was a “lunatic Haustronaut on a mission from Mars”. The name was really appropriate. I partnered with my dear friend and world renown attorney Tal Finney who is based in LA, we both have synergies for the path of service to mankind. I started with my own music as well as a few records from fellow producers and just kept pushing and pushing. It’s only the first year now and there are over 71 Haustronaut releases on Beatport, etc! I’m quite proud as we have been charting organically with no real marketing and promo. I’m quite humbled and excited for all the artists in the camp.

71 releases in 12 months – wow – how did that come to life?

Man, a labor of love to be honest. I’ve turned down sure fire pop and edm hit records from very well known artists because of the labels direction and honor to artistic integrity. It matters y’know? The things we give people can be positive or poison. I choose the former.

Who are the artists involved – apart from Motoe Haus which is your artist name?

We have releases from Abel Pons, Unison, NiceTie, NLF, Ashley Hanoman, Zenobia Salik, Rufus White, Q DeRhino, Pashtor, Franky Ferrero, Dorian Grey, Eliza Smith, Krishna Castro, Marlon Klann, Lila Rose, Ben Shoort, Nicci B, Sadie, Ramp Art, and SIR. More releases are slated for fall, so this is a crucial time to keep the momentum.

How do you make a living – a record label nowadays is somehow difficult to maintain i guess?

This is true, however, technology has made it much more efficient. Aside from the label and music production, I do shows, some ghost productions, producer and DJ lessons, Mastering, Mixing, Commercial sync licensing, and Graphic Design. I also connect VC’s with great growing opportunities from start ups and established companies from around the world.

How do you see Ibiza in 2015?

I see a divide. I see a lot of outside people not breaking bread with local talent. I see an unbalanced pay structure and I see an underground that is filled with the best DJs and producers in the world needing structure and opportunities to shine their light on the world. I aim to help in any way possible. I think that’s why I’m here.

If you would be king of the island, what 5 things would you change first?

Fire all edm djs and ban them from the island. 2. Incorporate music, art and business into elementary schools funded by government grants focusing on universal harmonics and sustainable ecosystems. 3. Heavily tax island earned corporate money leaving the island and balance the pay structure with tax return incentives for locals and lower tax bracket individuals. 4. Mandate by law free bottled water at all venues and events. Attainable via corporate sponsorships. 5. Take a day off.

How does your perfect day look like?

Waking up in Ibiza and knowing that there is hope for all humanity. I believe in us all, the unlimited potential is at your fingertips.


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