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Creativity comes from limitations

d: Hello Martin, another great artist joins our network, and what better cause then the upcoming release of your album.

 Tell us a bit more about you, how did you come to music?

When I was sixteen I discovered making music on a computer. Before that I played various instruments, drums, piano, even violine. So I played in different bands as a drummer but it was not quite satisfying as I always knew I have more to say than just playing the drums. And you are dependant on the other members of the band, that can some times be fruitful but most of the times it is discussing what works and what does not work. So making these compromises was not my thing, I know it sounds selfish but I always had the feeling that I know it better than the others. So being sixteen I discovered the Magix Music Maker and that changed it all. It was the time when the big downbeat wave hit from the likes of Elektrolux and Space Night, this opened a whole new sound universe I did not know before. Drum n’ Bass from the UK was another strong influence for me, the one not being too heavy, from 2003 on it became too aggressive, it all was always on 100% with no chance to breathe or explore a story inbetween the tracks. So after my trip into Downbeat and Drum n’ Bass I needed a couple of more years to get into the 4/4 beats, in the beginning I found it really difficult, it was a very big challenge for me to make a groove roll. It sounds so easy but it is definitely a challenge to make it sound interesting because the formula itself is the most simple one.

d: But now it is definitely your preferred genre. On your new album there is definitely a certain line but you as well like to explore melodies without beat and telling a story.

Especially if you heard the one before, Liquorice, where I did not have one straight 4/4 bassdrum in it. That was maybe a bit too far because it makes it complicated for the listener to follow. Me personally I loved it but I understand why some people got confused about it.

d: Where do you get your inspiration from?

That is a classic question and I do not really have an answer to it. Making music on the computer is always strange because what you have in mind never translates into reality. One big learning process was to say goodbye to the idea you got in mind and follow what comes into your mind without forcing it into a certain direction. The best tracks are where all of a sudden everything comes into place, like magic. These tracks make you feel that is is a gift, knowlege makes it easier to bring it to the point but it is the gift that I am not resonsible for which creates the magic.

d: It is the same in DJing, sometimes you just play the right tracks, the mixes flow and magic happens.

Absolutely right. And definitely one important fountain of inspiration are feelings I want to express in a track. Being lovesick is of the most powerful feelings you can get, especially to express in music, it releases much of the energy while you are in the producing process. On my track ‘The Anger’ I was really angry on someone so I put the whole feeling into this track and it worked. So a lot of the ideas are born out of emotions.

d: So it has a therapeutical effect on you, a double effect, you get rid of your feelings and create a track out of it.

That is why I am such a nice person, i get rid of all negative fellings through my music.

Biiig laughter.

I wish that would work…

d: If only it would be that easy…Talking about your new album, it goes from ambiental piano tracks to finest deep house, what about the feelings in this one? Is there a general theme in it?

To be honest, in the end the different parts just came together and somehow worked for me. I got this piano theme with the cherry bud and blossom attached to it, and I also got the pigeon or better said the birds in combination with the sea in ‘Feeding Seagulls’, then ‘Die Taube auf dem Dach’ (means ‘the pigeon on the roof’) and right at the very end ‘Will you be my girlfriend’ also talking about the birds.

d: They even made it to the cover!

Yes they did, of course. I am still not sure if it was good to say it all in german but I thought if I want to have it as natural as possible then it has to be my voice in German. I also thought, for being able to express the difficulties of handling my personal freedom which also effects the freedom of other people, German is the better language to say it clear without being offensive.

d: Germany has some of the best Poets ever, this has a certain reason as the German language is able to express things differently. If somebody would have told you seven years ago where you are now, what would you have said?

That was exactly the time I met Solomun and Adriano… for sure I would have been very happy, of course. One problem we humans have is, however something works out you always have to remember yourself, whatever good happens you have to encourage yourself that you deserve this, that it is good what is happening without taking it for granted. If I would be a jazz musician I would have heavy problems to make a living out of my music. When I was fifteen I wanted to be a professional drummer and if I would have followed this it would be a big hazzle to make enough money to pay even the basic things like food or rent. So yes, it is important to not take things for granted but to enjoy if it turns out that way. It is definitely hard to believe sometimes as things are much better than I expected, but it still is very easy to feel really bad when you come home from a day in the studio and nothing worked…

d: And the external expectations are on a very high level…


d: How is living within the Diynamic family?

We have the advantage of becoming friends, all of us together. Especially this Miami week was great for us, it was great to feel so close to every one of them hanging around on the couches talking and surfing the net. Longterm success only comes in when you make it out of fun. When you feel well-received and everybody supports each other mutually then nothing ever can do serious harm to you.

d: What do you expect from the 2013 Ibiza season? It is only the second season you return but it is going stellar.

For sure lots of beautiful people coming to our nights, lots of fun and enjoying the vibe. The decisions on what is happening music wise comes from Diynamic and that works.

d: Oh yes it does. And apart from the nights, what are your plans?

Last year I was very impressed from the old town in Ibiza, d’Alt Vila, I really like to hang out there because it is so european mediterranean and i feel very connected to this. I also would like to stay a few days longer, not only for the gigs, to discover the island’s beauty because I know there are some places out there only a few people know about that i would love to explore.

d: Well I can tell you after 16 years of living in Ibiza I still did not see it all, there are hidden places or beaches I never set a foot before…

I imagine, Ibiza is much bigger than it seems…

d: Best is you get a car or bike and explore the island by yourself, or we get a van and do it all together.

That sounds like a masterplan!

d: How does your perfect day look like?

Starting in the studio at 11 am, finishing at 1 am and producing a really interesting track makes my day, that is my formula for being happy 100%.

d: Any advice for rookies on how to start making music?

To keep things simple in the beginning. Having strong limitations in what you are able to do creates creativity. Having not all the possibilities makes the better track.

d: So to have the perfect studio with endless VSTs and plug-ins and a 64-channel mixer does not do the job automatically?

No definitely not, creativity comes from limitations. And also everybody should get at least one hardware machine, maybe just one drum machine, real hardware, not connected to VST because they let you explore your limitations much better than any program or a VST plug-in. It is so easy to put another effect behind the drum machine into the rack so getting to know one machine is so thankful for the producing process.

d: Is playing an instrument of big help?

It is not necessary but it gives you a basic understanding of the theoretical side of music, to know about harmonies and grooves. And also to read the manuals for synthesizers really makes a big difference because a good theory makes it more easy to achieve what you want in practice. ‘Try and error’ can work but it makes it very difficult, you waste so much time trying out things that you lose the plot.

d: Stimming in 20 years?


d: What do you think about dub ibiza network?

I like that it is not just about music, it is more about the general feelings than focused only on nightlife. Life is more than just going out having a good time.

d: You nailed it to the point. Thanx so much Martin, that was a real pleasure and we are definitely looking very forward having you and all the Diynamic family back on Ibiza for another banging season.

So am I. Thank you as well and speak soon!

Read the review of his forthcoming album here.

And following is some more info about Stimming:

homepage stimming


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