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Two artists living on the island of Ibiza. Two different techniques.

Two neighbours with enough similarities in their work to make  an artistic experiment together, which takes place in a gallery and, especially in a picture “La casa en Can Tada” made together (exposed in a window front) which is visible from the Vara de Rey.

Here the fantasy world of surrealist painting of Romanie three dimensions in the fantasy world of sculptor Gustavo Eznarriaga. And vice versa!

VEÏNS is the title of this exhibition that leaves me amazed by both parallelism: pieces of wood of Gustavo’s surreal world that have a place in the Romanie’s surreal world. Elements in the drawings of Romanie that seem to materialize through the sculpture by Gustavo.


Lucia Barbiero: Where are you from? and since when do you live in Ibiza and why?

I’m from Madrid but since 1977 I live in Ibiza. I always liked it. At first i passed the season and then came to live permanently. I have my studio here in a privileged environment I live and work in the field most of the year with the door open.

The island is full of artists. It is a good place for artists. Why?

Yes! There are many artists but there is little connection between them because there isn’t a cultural activity. I am not criticizing but it’s true. It is a perfect place because there is plenty of everything.  you can be happy, meet with much that is not in the city. It’s a shame not to take advantage of the transit of artists who have this island. We are disconnected. Lack of resources, good facilities and funding. It is also a wonderful place and with a little initiative could be a great showcase because of the hundreds of thousands who come in the summer. But for now the art is always difficult and limited and not everyone can take advantage of it.

Tell me about your work with wood. How is it? Can you live with your art?

Very difficult to do and harder to sell as well. But I like working with wood and I am unable to do other things. I survive with my work.

How and why did you start the wood?

I have always worked with wood, woodwork also. I have survived quite well with restoration work. The wood has a variety of colors, texture and hardness. I can work in very different ways. The wood gives you great versatility.

What do you like to represent in your sculpture?

It’s a fantasy world. I create my own world to have it there, for a day to enjoy. And not always know what I create, it’s the subconscious. Sometimes I work completely intuitively. Sometimes I’m the root of the trunk and I can get a head, sometimes it is an animal … I love working with unique pieces, whole and try not to remove wood to take advantage of all the material I have.

Tell me about this joint exhibition with Romanie.

We are neighbours and seeing a little of her work and mine saw that there was a certain parallelism. There were even pieces of mine that you could find in any her paintings. We found it interesting and made the piece that is on the outside and visible from the street. It’s very nice to work right away with someone, discuss, change ….

What music do you listen to while you work?

I have a little radio and advertising. I can not hear well because the machines are noisy. But we have worked with Romanie listening to music.


Lucia Barbiero: Where were you born?

I was born in England, but circumstantially. My mother is English and my father is Spanish and I grew up all life on Ibiza. I’m Ibizenca

What do  you represent in your drawings?

I paint also circumstantially. It is an exercise in self-knowledge. It is not painting pictures to do something nice, it’s like a meditation, an inner discovery. I’ve always been interested in religions, philosophy and the why of everything. I have tried many different types of meditations and my work is this way I think. I begin to move out brushes and things and then let the mind associate… we always associate with things and that the answer to many questions.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From within. It’s reflected, as the Mediterranean colors that I use … are there in the subconscious … really all comes from within. It’s like a dream when you mix all the impressions of the day in the subconscious and then get a dream .. . For the same type of exercise. It’s not something I try. It’s just comes out. I don’ t look for to be beautiful or ugly, and sometimes I like it , sometimes not … it’s an  inside exercise

How long does it takes to make a picture?

I don’t paint a picture at a time, I have ten I’m doing. I once did an exercise that asked me to paint a poem … 8 hours a day and it took me a month or so, then I figured that for a large size would be 8 hours daily for 2 months.

Are you connected to the world of art outside Ibiza?

There is no need. My parents tried to live off the craft and I’ve always said I do not want to live like that. I have another job to survive. If I sell something it’s OK … but that’s why I have not moved and I do not care if I do my work for exhibition or  because I feel like it. In Ibiza I don’t not many shows because the island is small and people get tired if you see the work in many places. Perhaps in 3 months will go to San Francisco in winter, where I will help some friends who have a gallery of art. They are very good friends for 12 years and have developed some interesting things there.

Why do many artists choose to live in Ibiza?

Because here you can be as you want and some artists are somewhat rare (laughing) I think it will fit any kind of life. Ibiza is not a place for the art market but I feel good. And I have never invested money to show my pictures outside of Ibiza – if I am paid after expenses I might try.

What kind of  music do you listen when you paint?

I don’t know how to classify: symphonic rock, jazz, new instrumental music that takes me to places inside.

You did a picture that is titled ‘Symphony’ which you have to simultaneously see and hear. Who composed it?

Pedro Gonzalez Bermudez. He is a friend since we were teenagers and is an amazing musician making a lot of different music. He lives in Paris and Barcelona now and is here for this event. When I was 17 I started to be with a group of friends on the island, we were all little artistic. We wanted to create alternatives to what was there in Ibiza, the clubs and the nightlife and the things we did not like. Many of them have made their own history.

Gustavo is one of those friends?

Actually I’ve known him for three years, since when I went to live where I am now, we’re neighbours. Through a friend we have known and have tried to do something together because there is really  something in artistic between us.

The interview was held by Lucia Barbiero, Collaborator of dub Ibiza – see her biography here.


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