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There are opportunities you can not let pass by, and having the honour to do an interview with Luciano is definitely one of them.

Luciano, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you in dub magazine.

The pleasure is mine, as always.

Tell us, how is the season for the Vagabundos in Pacha so far?

Fabulous, we had a very organized season so far and we got a great team together that works hand in hand. The crowd is as always very special with an excellent vibe, we cannot ask for more.

Talking about the Vagabundos, is it true that Samuel Guetta invented the concept?

On a trip to Brazil the people were calling us ‘Vagabundos’ for our appearances and the way we were travelling and we pretty much liked the idea. It was the perfect name for what we stand for, so we kept the name being convinced that this was the beginning of a great concept. Samuel was part of this team and was of great help with his unique energy and ideas.

How did you get to know Samuel?

My son became really good friend with his son Neo in the french school they both attend and so we met and went along really well starting to exchange ideas. It was a moment where I needed somebody to develop Cadenza even more and it seemed to me that Samuel had good ideas and concepts to achieve this.

Did you have a good relation after you separated?

Separations are never easy, we had different visions of work and it became clear that we would go separate ways. We did this in the most professional way and each one went on his own path. We are shaken to the core and sad about the death of Samuel…

Does money corrupt?

No I don’t think so, it depends on the way you handle it. If money is the final goal then yes, but if you use it to achieve greater things then definitely not. If one uses money to develop a greater creativity making things better, putting together a great team and paying well the people that work by your side it is of great help. If your only goal is making money then its dark side will come out.

How would you define ‘Underground’?

It is a space where new movements come to life that are not known to the people and media. It is where new ideas are born in any sort of art and start to take shape because they are created through creativity – as the name says already. When they become popular afterwards they are no longer Underground.

News from Cadenza?

We are creating two headquarters, on in Berlin and the other one here in Ibiza, both perfect spots for our work. Musicwise we just released the album from Maayan Nidam and we are very happy about the reaction from the people. Productionwise it is very important that each artist has his own space to form part of the concept in general, like this you can achieve a great output. My new album is coming out end of summer, it was hard work and I put all my spirit and heart into it, concentrating more on the acoustic part then to see how it works on the dancefloor. Obviously it is dance music but with a lot of harmonies and melodies, different rhythms – I can say I am very happy with the result.

And then there are the remixers to adapt it to the floor.

Exactly. We will release a kind of preview to the album in form of an EP that includes various mixes of one track.

I saw an incredible video of a party you organized in the trainstation on the french-spanish border in La Jonquera. How did that come to life?

We are always attentive to what our fans want but as the whole concept is growing and growing it is difficult to satisfy all those that can not attend our big events. From there on we decided to organize something totally free without anybody knowing it will happen, going back to our roots where we came from. I wanna thank especially Alex Montoya for the great job on the station. It was a quite risky undertaking in terms of making it sound good, we needed to have a lot of people to fill the station in order to get the best sound possible and we said ‘let’s see what happens…’ We did a minimal promotion that something would happen there and it became a total frenzy, incredible how the people attended and received us. The station was completely packed and the vibe was spectacular.

How is your perfect day?

Getting up early without a hangover, do a bit of sports in the morning to later on be with my kids and family, eat well to then spend the day on the beach with friends, a good dinner and going to bed early. If you live the way I do always on the run it is very difficult to get some time off to enjoy being with your family and beloved ones, so this is what a perfect day for me looks like.

If you would have a magic wand and could change one thing in Ibiza, what would that be?

Definitely more freedom in terms of being able to do a nice party in the morning when you leave the Vagabundos or cocoon or any other party in a protected green space where people can come together to celebrate respecting the ambiance. Best would be directly from 8 am until late under the spiritual skies of Ibiza.

How do you see this year where everybody is talking about the changes to come, even the end of all days?

It is the beginning of a new era with a different consciousness, not at all the end of all days but the opposite. I don’t believe at all in the end of our world but there is definitely a new energy taking place in the last few years. For me personally I can say that especially the last year was very positive. It is very important that lots of people talk about a change, like this a new consciousness will create itself and this is something we desperately need.

Indeed. Thanks Luciano for dedicating us some of your precious time, we will visit you soon in Pacha and would love to keep partying under our skies in a perfect spot to keep enjoying the goodvibes and incredible music you offer us every sunday.

The pleasure will be mine.

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