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The maya code – part 3

The great Nostradamus (1503 – 1566) is rather feeding the followers of the Apocalypse but can not be left out in our third part of ‘The Maya Code’.

He was a great Doctor saving numberless people from the Black Death by using innovative methods and appeared in every village where other doctors and helpers had already escaped. He was one step ahead of even the most forward thinking Academic of his time because he had a unique, sharpened vision fed through a new alignment. He was above-average lettered, spoke and interpreted Latin, Hebro and Greek in a new, unconventional way and as a mathematician, astrologist, visionaire and seer he wrote his CENTURIES in the last years of his life, more than 950 shortstories leaving us way behind drown in mystery.

He foresaw his own death by the exact date and is reknown as the godfather of astrology. Nostradamus was, as were the Mayans, way ahead of his time seeing the world in cycles, reinterpreting the night sky including the stars and their orbit interacting with our planet, reasoning his unique seeings. In 1556 he foresaw a possible FRENCH REVOLUTION in the year 1798. His prophecies go up to the year 2050!

He also talked of a ‘islamistic danger’, foreseeing the fall of the twin towers in 2001 and with it the beginning of an islamistic war in the same year. This war shall end in 2028, lasting 27 years. Believing in those prophecies surely feeds the followers of the Apocalypse, producing a fear-driven perspective of our future.

According to him we will not enter the ‘Golden Age’ before 2028, not in 2012 as it is written in numberless esotheric books, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the belief that this will be the end of our old world. One could say we almost got the hand on the cup but it seems we will first have to overcome the senseless religious wars before we can finally enter this new, golden age.

So will it be, we put out the seeds for 2028 and are willing to wait for it, in the meantime we can watch the documentary ‘Crossing Over’ from the second part of this threesome, then we know that we are already on the way.

According to western astrology we now entered the age of Aquarius after completing the age of piscis. In astrology the star signs are entered in the cycle of precession marking the ages. Those cycles go against the clockwise direction, that is why we enter the age of Aquarius after the age of Piscis. ‘Crossing Over‘ explains that we will enter the era of bronze (Dwapara Yuga) after being in the era of Iron (Kali Yuga) from the 21st of December 2012 onwards. According to the hinduistic astrology we will then enter the era of Silver (Treta Yuga) to finally arrive to the era of Gold (Satya Yuga). The transit of planet Earth on the galactic axis will take 3000 years until we finally arrive in the era of Gold. Once arrived there we start to descend again, as you can see in the graphic. This rise can be seen as a moving moment in human history, entering a new consciousness accompanied by revolutionary changes to prepare us for what is there to come.

Here is a screenshot from the movie about the cycle of the yugas:

Sirius A is with its sun Sirius B (please read the link to Sirius B carefully before going on) our galactic point of reference and from now onwards both systems start to get closer again, imagining both having a kind of gravity that pulls us closer.

So we just ended our ‘sleep’ in the ‘Iron Age’ lasting for 100 years where we produced two world wars and numberless dictatorships bringing endless suffering over the people. Some say we are in the middle of the third world war already, containing several trade wars, religious wars, even a war of information brought to us via the internet where everybody seems to know everything but has no clue at all. Another one is the war of currencies between Dollars, Yens and Euros – those wars are not supposed to cost the lives of people but infiltrates our lives with fear and terror. In 2011 36 armed conflicts were held all around the globe.

Nothing to be proud of, one could say, and the governments and industries keep on enslaving us with more taxes, less wages or whatever comes into their mind to correct their own failures in management or to produce even higher profits exploiting whatever comes in their way. And the majority of the people is watching deedless how we still live in pure slavery, with the only exception that in former times the slaves got home and food for free, nowadays we get wages and pay taxes to be able to afford a living.

We the current generations will be testimony of these changes in paradigms, entering a new world. The OLD must go and the NEW will come, freeing us from our past, taking away the burden of old sins, guiding us to a new awakening. The false illusionary structures will crack and truth will find its way into our minds. So, if you would like to call it like that, the end of the world as we know it came with the 21st of December 2012, with its omnipresent certainties, the world which embossed us and made us feel safe thinking we know the score.

Each one of us is seeking for security, that is one of the main goals in life. A newborn is totally innocent, free and unconditioned, but when education comes in we find ourselves in some kind of early stage of fear-programming. If any trauma adds to this in our childhood then we have the basic condition of omnipresent fear locked into our personal system. School and further educational institutions teach us tools to work against that fear, helping us to survive our lives. But this fear is only worked on a symptomatic basis, the real causes are left untouched.

To make one thing clear, fear is a very important, basic instinct that helps us to survive, a healthy yet conscious dose is essential to make it through our society. But the pressure of our capitalistic world forces the ‘fear driven pupil’ in the gross-social mill of our society with its consumerism, and when it comes to create your own family the next step is taken and social and financial security become priorities, with ourselves moving voluntarily in this direction – and when we finally are all like-minded the strive of security gets amplified through the collective. This is the point where religious fundamentalists feed their fanaticism. The Christian church controls most of our western world by using those fears and the Islamists think they got a better way and radicalize themselves and their followers, even into suicidal assassinations.

So, if we talk about a new alignment we can prepare ourselves by working on abolishing unnecessary fear and contributing our part to the collective network. The principle of polarity works hereby in our favour, because all negative includes positive or the macro cosmos (the universe) is found as well in the micro cosmos (we as individuals), or, to name it in a popular way – yin and yang. Human evolution is a dynamic process and not a static state, the universe is constantly expanding and so are we.

Santos Bonacci names his book ‘As above. As below’ in the documentary Crossing Over, naming one of the hermetic principles – he calls it the principle of analogy – all refers to our thoughts, as ‘above’ so ‘beneath’, in and out. Nothing comes our way that has nothing to do with us. These cosmic principles describe how the world of duality is working. While physical principles can be overcome by consciousness and technology, the cosmic principles are binding for everyone, no matter if you know them or not.

Hereby the trilogy of the ‘Maya Code’ ends, the following is a continuation of the thoughts in this trilogy:

One cosmic principle?

It is rather one cosmic principle that rules all possible developments, so in the following we will highlight all seven principles by describing them practically and giving solutions, showing it is all one.

The seven cosmic principles:

The principle of mind

The principle of cause and effect and karma

The principle of equivalence and analogies

The principle of resonance

The principle of harmony

The principle of rhythm and vibration

The principle of polarity and sexuality

Life goes on and on and with it our education through life. An individual learning process lies in enhancing our self-discipline in thought, words, acts and feelings. As well in the abolition of negative feelings like fear, dread, self-doubt, hate, insecurity and self-pity. Our thinking should be driven by a positive alignment – it is all a question of attitude.

To be continued soon.

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