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20.12.2012 // Text: p. dechent / translated by a. simon // Pix: artig

the maya code part 2

A new alignment, not only of the pole axis but of the whole humanity is going to take place.

But interesting information like this is drowned in the whole apocalyptic ‘End of the World’ frenzy – A NEW ALIGNMENT OF HUMANITY!

What does that really mean or how and who will it affect? Does that mean me as well? And do we want to listen to this in our sensation-hunting media world with its ever growing ‘recipient’ mentality? How can the Mayas have probably dated their calendar on 3114 b.C. if they did not even exist at that time? The Book of the Jaguar Priests tells the story of the Gods returning to Earth on the 21st of December 2012.

It seems logic that, if the pole axis get a new orientation so will we be reorientated. That could mean that our values will change, we leave old, bad habits behind in search for new ones, higher ones to reach a change of mind and mentality, a transformation of our consciousness. A new rise of a collective humanity, waking up from the passive dawn into an active restart. A new collective consciousness could be the trigger for this transformation, there are lots of theories about us being one in the new Quantum Physics. That would mean this is notr something new but us would finally become aware of it as a fact.

More questions to it could be ‘did we ever try to find out?’ Or did all this finally start this year as it is known as the year of the apocalypse to many tribes and the media is simply jumping on the train to maximize profits? Or maybe because we saw it already in TV and cinema in Blockbusters like Roland Emmerich’s 2012 where the world comes to an apocalyptic end? He combines american heroism with a vast variety of Hollywood effects, culminating in all catastrophies happening at once in less than 3 hours. vulcanic eruptions, meteorites hitting the earth, tsunamis, floodings and tornados could not be left out of this movie. Basically all the catastrophies that hit our planet in the last few years, except the Meteorite… But the real danger is of a different nature, one that can not be controlled by man nor can we do anything to avoid it.

It is the hypothesis of scientists that the steadily rising amount of coronal mass ejection of the sun take direct influence on our nature on earth with the sunstorms travelling the universe and hitting the planets, including ours. And not only nature, we as humans are affected as well. In an interview on the conspiration website Project Camelot with David Wilcock they even say that those storms take direct influence on our consciousness, leading to a change in our perceptions. In the documentary Crossing Over you can follow this on the net.

The change in our consciousness is an issue since the 90’s when the word ‘Esotericism’ was introduced and gained thousands of followers in an instant. Topics like Apocalyptic Conspiracies, the 7 Cosmic Laws of Nature, Mysticism, Transformation, Angels, Astrology, Life Coaching, Aura, Anthroposophy, Magic, Tarot, Numerology and old techniques like Yoga, Kabbala, Reiki or Metaphysics became common. Even Tantra or healing of mind, body and soul like Gnosticism or Sufism as well as Feng-Shui became fashionable. All great religions refuse and condemn all sort of Esotericism.

In what way ever, the whole movement was part of a change that happened slowly but steadily in our minds and prepared us for the times to come. But do we know enough of it to be prepared? The whole mass hysteria produced by the media was surely made to rise commercial profits, calling it ‘prevention’ by using fear to control the people. Manipulated fear can be used as a great tool to control the masses. The writings of Nostradamus speak of the apocalypse and the end of the world. Those writings are interpreted and manipulated by the ones in demand, creating mass hysteria by declaring the day of the winter solstice, the 21st of December 2012, as the day zero.

What there is about this day you can find out in the third and last part of this series, we will do it after the 21.12. 2012 to show you that it is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new era, a golden era.


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