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13.10.2016 // Text: andreas simon // Pix:

The last dance

It is difficult to describe in words what one can feel when a club that has been the home for so many closes  after 27 years of existence, but i will give it a try…


In times when people talk alot about the future of electronic music, the clubs being not what they used to be and the spirit that has been lost caused by abusive prices, wrong music policies, boring promoters and an audience that seems to have more fun looking at social media posts than the actual party itself, it is more than refreshing to see what one party can cause. Ok, it was the closing of Space, but just to see how many of us are still ready to give it all for a good party, to come together to celebrate life in a unique way, to share the same vision about how to have fun together and to enjoy some of the best sets being played in a long time was something that gives hope for the future of electronic music.



Starting with the weather that was as usual ideal for the last dance, offering a more than perfect sunset for the ones coming quite early, the massive outdoor floor was well crowded from the beginning and never got too packed, fact that was very welcome by the crowd. Everybody dressed up and showed their best clubbing outfit, ready to dance the day into the night. The music was incredible, each artist honored the last 27 years with some all-time hits. My favourites were Darius Syrossian, Tale of Us and the King of Kings, Mr. Carl Cox, who showed up in a white suit. After his last track the key moment was ‘Imagine’ from John Lennon, with the lyrics displayed on the massive screen so each and everybody could sing along – this is what i call a perfect Karaoke.


After living a critical moment when the outdoor floor closed and all people had to go inside, leading to some massive traffic at the doors to the club, everybody could choose between the different floors and the different styles of music. Outstanding sets for me were David Phillips on the Sunset Terrace, Igor Marijuan in El Salon, Josh Wink on the main floor and, again, Carl Cox closing the main floor with one track after the other – well it is hard to choose a last one if the whole crowd demands ‘One more, one more, one more!’.




Everybody who attended this last dance will keep this memory forever in their minds, and everybody who wasn’t there will still regret to not have done so. As i said in the beginning, this closing was the proof of the outstanding quality of this legendary club, from the early days when people gathered to Space each and every Sunday for the first ever official after hour and keeping the pace for 27 – yes, twenty-seven – years always being amongst the most-awarded clubs on the globe and winning the prestigious award for many times.


To talk about the future of the club is pure speculation, it will become another branch of the Ushuaia family, that is for sure, so let’s see what comes out of it. And if the future of Space will go into another round in another place is also based on speculation, but one thing is for sure: There will never ever be a club like Space again – always in our minds, hearts and hips.

Respect to Pepe Roselló and the whole Space crew, to the artists and everybody involved, and to all the clubbers who helped to make this club immortal.



you better be good.

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