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The Buddha of Atlantis

There are certain things that really impress me in Ibiza – one is the incredible painting of a Buddha or Brahma in Atlantis, painted by a japanese artist in the 70s.

When i first saw it about 20 years ago it was one of those special moments you never ever forget. Walking down Atlantis i had a guide teaching me the history of this magical place by telling me that the stones used to build the castle in Ibiza town were carved out from this beach, using ancient techniques to break them out of the sandstone walls. This story in itself is so unbelievable when you see the size of the carved walls knowing the mere size of the castle, but there is a lot more to this place.

On the way down to Atlantis, more or less on half way, we came to a place that i call the ‘middle station’, a small plateau with a fire place and a sort of cave protected by a stone with a flat front. This stone inspired a Japanese artist to do something that would shape this place from there on forever – he painted what is called today the ‘Buddha of Atlantis’. It must have taken him ages but time has no meaning down there, the painting is so complex you need time to fully explore its beauty. So many details, different messages, all together the stuff legends are made of. The colours he used hardly fade, it only needed some water to be drizzled over and the colours began to shine.

As Atlantis got more and more popular and different magazines showed the way how to get to it revealing what should have been kept secret, more and more people went down to see what this is all about, leaving their names written next to the Buddha or interesting messages like ‘Bla and Bla in love 21.12.2001’…… Honestly, i do not get this urge of eternalization that takes posession of some people, my mere respect would never allow me to do so…

Anyway, walking down last winter enjoying the breathtaking beauty of this place made my blood freeze as i turned around to salute my old friend the Buddha seeing……….. somebody had oversprayed the whole rock with something that appeared to be or a caricature of Tanit or just a stupid smiling face dripping out of a fucked up mind. What has been kept clean for more than 50 years has been debased in the most terrific way – with a multilayered graffiti.

The shock was so profound i could not think of anything, rage and anger came into my mind and i was looking around as if i could still see the ones that did this. After a few moments the anger transformed into sadness and frustration, followed by only one thought – how to get this thing off. As you can see in the pictures we found a way to take it off – even if it takes ages and includes that parts of the original painting go off as well – this is the way to restore the painting to its full beauty. When the spray colour is gone the original painting needs to be redone as it has been partly done several times before due to the normal decay. And when we are finished we will give it a layer of protection so nobody can do this ever again. Thanx so much to all volunteers that helped and still help to restore this magical piece of Ibiza and please – do not try to find out who did this – we are sure the person(s) are already drowned in bad karma so no need to know who did it – they know exactly what they did.

If somebody shows you the way to Atlantis then please be as respectful as you can be as this is no hidden spot any more but means so much to all of us. If you need to do something to be present there then build a stonetower on the beach next to the water (you will see lots more of it) but do not write or carve anywhere. And if you see any garbage left by somebody else then please take it with you.

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