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solomun about very insecure pets + more.

Hey Mladen, already one year ago we had the pleasure to welcome you in dub again after our very first feature of Diynamic six years ago, so now is the third time we have a chat.

You know that 3 is the magic number, haha…

How is your summer so far?

This summer is going really well,  I always have a lot of have fun at my Sundays in Pacha and also at the Diynamic Neon Nights at Sankeys. And besides the partys for me always the best time is when the Diynamic family is here and we are all having a big BBQ at my villa.

The Solomun + 1 is a great concept, how does it work out?

I’m very happy to say that the concept is working out really well. The atmosphere is really good, the people like to party there, and I know that also all my +1-artists really had a good time. And since we moved the DJ booth pretty much in the middle of the dancefloor we created a kind of warehouse atmosphere, which turns out really good.

Some people said you might burn yourself doing two residencies in Ibiza, something nobody did ever before, but as i see and hear you are enjoying it to the max?

I only do what I think it’s possible to do, and therefore I always try to look ahead and therefore I took a few weekends off in August and September. The good side effect is that I can hear a lot of music at the moment, checking promos, buying songs to play lots of freshtunes.

How about Neon Nights this year?

It’s going really well, I still like the atmosphere in the basement, it’s simply a great room for our sound, my friend H.O.S.H. and I always split up every night who plays the basement or the other room, the Lab. Last Tuesday I played at the basement B2B with H.O.S.H. for like five hours and the club nearly exploded. So: all good, come over, we are all having a ball there.

Are both clubs, Pacha and Sankeys, comparable in any way?

It’s always hard to compare clubs, and Pacha and Sankeys are obviously very different. The two only things they have in common is: both are on Ibiza, and everybody who’s coming to Ibiza want to party. Regarding the partys: at Sankeys there areonly Diynamic artists the whole night on two dancefloors, at Pacha I play with one guest from outside the Diynamic family more or less all night long.

Do you play different music in both clubs?

Of course it sometimes differs slightly, but basically I play my sound. The acoustic is different in every club, and because at Sankeys the ceiling is very low and the sound system with a lot of bass I play a little more bass-oriented tracks in there.

Being an almost full time resident this summer in Ibiza, do you have time to enjoy the island?

I wish I had more time. Of course I was 2 days on the beach, but most of the time I work. But I am really happy here and there are a lot of worse places to live and work than Ibiza. What I really enjoy is having a late dinner with friends in restaurants like Il Giardinetto or the fish shack.

What is the thing you’ll miss the most when going back to Hamburg after the season?

I don’t know because I won’t go back to Hamburg after the Ibiza season. I will do two long tours afterwards: one to South America and USA, the other to Australia and Asia.

What I will definitely miss is that I can’t play in a club without travelling before, that’s really great about Ibiza, that you just need a ride and after 10 minutes you can be in the booth.

What do you think about all DJs playing everywhere and parties having the same line-ups, are they not killing each other?

This is a very good question my journalistfriend, but hopefully without disappointing you: Who am I to judge? With Diynamic we don’t have this topic cause from the beginning only Diynamic artists are involved. And also my +1-artists don’t play too much around on Ibiza and I brought people like Marek Hemann the first time to Ibiza.

What is your definition of a good night? What are the ingredients to make it work?

The ingredients are always the same, no matter where in the world I guess: Good club, good sound, good people. If those three aspects come together in a good way, than it’s quite unlikely not to have a good night.

What does the word VIP mean to you?

Various Invisible Policemen? Very Insecure Pets? Violent Image Polish …

… no seriously: personally I don’t care about this VIP thing, and if you look at a good party, there should be no difference between VIP and “normal” clubbers. But for example at my night at Pacha I don’t have the feeling that the VIP people don’t party. They don’t just sit and sip, they are really having fun. And of course VIP is part of the club culture at most of the clubs here on Ibiza.

Talking about the label Diynamic, any news to come soon?

Two EPs from Uner and Adriatique. Uners album will be released in October. And I am actually working on a collaboration with Roisin Murphy, which will also come out in October.

And 2Diy4?

At the moment there is nothing planned, but this can change very fast at 2DIY4.

Anything you take with you from here to your own club, Ego, in Hamburg?

At least the good weather … you know that Hamburg is famous for its rain, original Hamburgers say: it’s summer, when the rain is warmer.

What do you think of dub Ibiza network?

Always good for a critic demand, go on with this!

more info:

Solomun // Diynamic

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