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05.07.2012 Text: andreas simon // Pix: anand + collabs



Once in the early days people could gather together in a peaceful way to celebrate the joy of life and their love to mother nature.

These open-minded and -hearted people known as Hippies, Travellers, Freaks, Artists or simply Friends always found a way to share love and fun. This somehow strange behaviour is nothing new to our cultures. Even in ancient times people were gathering to celebrate the harvesting, the sun, the rain, solstices, some properly finished project, the birth of a child or some more profane things like enjoying to meet each other from time to time. So there was a need for celebration locations. In the past these places of celebration were temples or impressive natural sights which maintained preserved and in good condition by being used.

Nowadays there are no more ancient temples where we may celebrate, so new temples arose, and there was light. But slowly these temples turned into a big money-farting industry with doorkeepers – to keep other religions out – and to ask for a huge temple fee and unreal taxes for our essential liquids. They called themselves Discotheques.

Some thought that this was not the right way for them to go, they believe in nature, freedom, free self expression, being very aware that commercialism is the death of creativity. They found some new temples according to their philosophy far away, hidden in the marvellous countryside of this precious island… Here they could celebrate their way with music in peace and love and unity, without boundaries and without any fees…

Anand was and still is one of the strongest fighters for freedom of expression and was feared as much as a way had to be found to get rid of him. There was no legal way to stop those celebrations as the place he lived was so far away, there was no neighbour to complain and nature was respected 100%.

The name of the place he lived was Can Punta, just by saying the name i still get goose bumps, so beautiful were the parties up there. Nothing seemed to be impossible, it was a gathering of like-minded people in order to celebrate life and love with music.

For decades parties were held in the mountains of San Juan so the highpriests of the new temples thought of how to stop those celebrations and found a way…’

(That was partly an extract of my first magazine, Partysan Ibiza, published in July 1998).

On the 6th of June 1998 at 11 am the police came to his home and gave him a few hours to pack up his stuff, he had been declared a danger for the spanish-french domestic political relations (no joke). He was deported to the mainland and from there on back to France.

14 years later we meet again in Ibiza and i can’t believe the energy and spirit this great man still preserves in his heart. Asking about the results this ejection had on him he says ‘I was traumatized for at least three years, I did not at all expect anything like it. We fought for about two years to make the authorities recognize their mistake as to make party is not a crime, at the end it cost me all my money and time spent with lawyers.’

After this nightmare-come-true he left to New Zealand, a paradise as he says where freedom is still found and nobody cares about a party being held in mother nature. He still has his original Chai Tent travelling the globe following the sun in order to participate in the perfect party. He is booked for several big festivals and became an essential part as his tent is always a meeting point where you can have a break, enjoy the Chai tea and exchange information.

Asking him about if he would change anything in the past he says ‘I should have found a place more far away from the system with the same spirit than Can Punta to celebrate life’. Well, it seems that he has found it in New Zealand and even better, he has the chance to travel and share his love with like-minded people all over the planet.

Talking about Ibiza he says ‘it went worse than in those days, now it is a total rip-off and money controls the island more than ever. The only chance you have if you want to stay is to make money off the rich who invade the island.’

Looking at him i wonder what is his secret to maintain so incredibly young and he gives me a very simple answer: ‘drink two glasses of water every morning before anything else, respect our planet earth, make love as much as you can, share your life and enjoy every day as a new day in paradise. The future looks bright for the ones that love life and do not shit each other.’

Asking him about what he thinks of dub ibiza he smiles saying ‘the best form to keep people informed – keep going man, the show must go on!’

Thank you so much Anand, for all of you who know what we were talking about – there is hope – and for all who don’t – repeat his words every day and you will have a fulfilled life with no fear of what is there to come.

One love.

See here some video footage of the good old days (thanx to Joy, Michael and Anand), here one about the first hippies in ibiza and here another one about his current life.

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