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30.09.2012 // Text: william de worde // Pix: artiG

Move your head and your ass will follow.

Especially as a resident in Ibiza it is shocking for me to see the actual situation of Spain and the rest of Europe, may it be on an economical, political, social or any other level.

To see the videos of the 25S movement and the efforts of several other groups to mobilize people to demonstrate peacefully against political decisions made to rescue Spain from bankruptcy (what a word by the way… bank – ruptcy… if a bank gets a rupture why do all have to pay for it but the ones responsible for the rupture?) fills me on the one hand with shame and the other one with rage. Shame because it shows how deep people are drowned in fear, giving any other person the guilt of what is happening but those who are responsible for it, may it be the immigrants, the jobless, the so-called ‘lazy’ or simply the different.

As long as we do not understand that until the moment we realize that money is our worst enemy we will not be able to change our governments as they all are based on it, as is our whole society and values. And let’s face it: We all play the game, day by day, hour by hour, second by second, moment by moment, almost wherever we are. All of us are somehow involved in this whole system, if you buy anything in your life you are a part of it. So to really make a change you have to start with yourself, you decide what you do, and from the moment you realize this the best thing to do is to be the change you want to happen. Think of how to spend the money you have and unite much like-minded people around you as you can, because the people united can never be divided.

Look at the example of Island, they managed to get out of their crisis in less than four years not by taking credits from other countries to save their bankruptcy (i really do hate this word…) but by taking the responsible to court , keeping their fortunes and make local money stay in Island, creating local banks led by local bankers. On top they restructured the whole political system by voting 500 representatives with no political or any similar qualification to elect the new government. Did you read about it in the news? I didn’t… well i did… but not on any big, sponsored news channel.

The people shall not fear their governments, the governments shall fear their people.

Want one more? Move your head and your ass will follow.

See some footage about the 25S and its followers here and in the other videos on the right column of the page.

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