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Mobius Strum – Pura Vida.

Pura Vida – the slogan of Costa Rica – describes this couple of DJs and producers perfectly.

On my trip to Costa Rica last winter i was playing in a Beachclub called ‘Ranchos Itauna’, a beautiful place in Sta. Teresa on the Peninsula de Nicoya – a natural paradise hosting some of the most beautiful beaches on this planet – in fact one of the beaches has exactly this name – ‘Playa Hermosa’ – means Beautiful Beach. While playing there one evening i met Leo Falfan and we connected instantly, one of those moments where words are unnecessary, the smile says it all. After we shared the booth another day i had the pleasure to get to know his wife Eles two weeks later when they played together. Both share the same passion for very defined sounds, sweet, sexy with an irresistible groove.


After returning to Ibiza i found out they were going on a tour through Europe passing by Ibiza, so what better occasion to make an interview with both to introduce you to this couple of sophisticated DJs and producers from Costa Rica.


Hello Eles and Leo, it is a pleasure to have you in dub, you already know we share the same passion for electronic music. Tell us, how did you come to electronic sounds?

We like the good parts of different musical genres. What attracts us especially to electronic music is the total freedom of expression… It is a channel where we feel very comfortable to share our message, our vibe, trying to take the people to another place.

What came first, being DJs or producers?


You are a ‘pure breed’ or do you have a ‘real’ job besides music? As you certainly know it is difficult to live off music.

Nowadays we dedicate all our love to music and our Finca.


How do you describe your sound on a production level and when you perform as DJs?

Engulfing, sensual, dark, melodic and entertaining.

Costa Rica has a relatively small but very very elaborated scene, how would you define it?

The crowd here is very open-minded in terms of music. There is something for everybody which is extraordinary for such a small country. The scene has grown a lot since the 90’s, when the electronic parties were launched by the hands of promoters like Generación X and Contacto. Today we have lots of clubs offering a wide spectrum of music.

You are very close to the club ‘Vertigo’ in San José, one of the most prestigious clubs in Centroamerica. Tell us about your relation.

Vertigo is our homebase. We are residents in the club since a long time, it gave us the opportunity to get to know great artists and them to get to know us. It is a great prestige for us to be recognized as residents of the club. And the club has a unique sound system designed especially for the place by Gary Stewart Audio.


You have released on globally reknown labels such as Get Physical, Kindisch, Kling Klong, 8bit, AMA, Smiley Fingers, Lower East, InfraDig, Supernature, SKSupreme and Akbal Music. That is a very elitist roster of labels, how did you get to them?

1000 and one nights without sleep, resulting in being able to do what we love knowing the great responsibility we have so everybody can enjoy our music and to awake the good times. At the same time it’s important to make the best use of the opportunities that come our way. Consistency in evolving our senses and always expressing the best of our history.

Apart from those releases you are running your own label, Half Seas Over, tell us more about it.

It’s very eclectic in terms of sound compared to other labels. All artists are friends and we want each of them to present them as they are.


Now you got a tour coming up through cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Prague, including our island. How did that tour come together and what do you expect of it?

We are very fortunate to know lovely people from around the globe that share our passion for music and they open their doors for us; and at the same way we offer them great experiences here in Costa Rica. Every tour is a different experience, we never expect nothing, whatever comes our way is very welcome.

You know Ibiza or is it the first time you pass by?

We have been a few times to your wonderful island, every time we discover magic places.

What is a perfect day for you?


Mobius Strum will be performing in Blue Marlin on June 15th, so make sure to pass by and discover this lovely couple and their intimate vision of sound.


more info:

Mobius Strum FB // Mobius Strum SC // Vertigo

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