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Adeline is half swedish, half uruguayan, an explosive mix that brings out the best of both worlds.

You studied business affairs before music came into your life?

almost, i have a master degree in financial mathematics and management but already during my studies I started making music and knew that this was my life rather than become a business woman. It grew from nothing to all what my life is about, I felt I do not even have a choice, it just completely took over. Before that I never had a normal job anyway, you could call me a real entrepreneur, a self-employed soul.

But why then the choice of ‘Financial Mathematics’ – just to study something?

It was actually, yes (laughter) – i am a sagittarius so i can not imagine myself having a traditional nine-to-five job. I love to work, to work 24/7 is no problem for me but just not in this format.

Winston Churchill once said ‘The day you find a job you really love is the last day you ever worked’ – do you agree?

Yes totally. when I finished school I started studying right away, as where in Sweden it is very common to take one or two years off – but I just not felt going to a supermarket and work to maket some money and as I was very good at mathematics it just happened.

You play a lot of instruments so music was meant to come into your life?

It was never clear actually, this is one of the misteries in my life – it is true that I played a lot of instruments when I was young but it was never at a very creative level, it was more robotic in a way, learning how to play written notes in the most classic way. When I was fifteen I needed a break and did no music for quite a time.

And training your voice?

I used to sing in a choir for a few years doing the soprano and lots of gospel which trains you in a way so you learn to sing in a certain format. For what I do now it was necessary to retrain it, listen more to my body than to try to fit in those formats.

They already call you the scandinavian deep house queen…

Oh that feels really good thank you

Would you consider your music deep house?

Yes it is, maybe a bit more deep pop house. In the niche we move usually pop does not sound that good because people slag it off as being commercial but I have a certain background in making more pop tracks, more proper songwriting style. My style right now is a combination of both, the pads and stuff are deep house because it is kind of moody and deep as a song, and my melodies are more pop orientated. When I DJ my sound is more techy, like a deep trippy tech house sound.

Why did you move to London?

Two years ago I moved to London after having lived in Berlin for a while. It is very inspiring, so vibrant and intense. In Sweden there is no scene at all so you can not compare it. I did a lot in Sweden, from Radioshows to play all over the country but you reach a certain point where you need more input – the concept is quite simple – I go wherever the music takes me.

You were involved in the early days of Soundcloud – how did that happen?

Those guys went to the same university than me so we happened to work togethjer on the concept and format on how it would be in the future, we were inviting the first DJs to the site to see if it works and does make sense. You could say I did kind of a marketing research for them.

And how did you get to know the Get Physical family?

It was through a friend of mine who ran a label and as I sent my music to him all the time he said why don’t you try to send it to GPM? They accepted and it turned out to become the most-selling release on Kindisch so far…

How did the Fur Coat remix come together?

They did a really good job on it – DJ T and me played a club together not long ago and I was really happy with my set so far but when I dropped that track everything just raised one level. They created a whole new body to it, this is not just a remix so when I first heard it I was really really excited about it.

Who is the girl on the cover of the EP?

It is me, and the remix cover is from the same session with lots of fly fishes around as i was playing with them.

Do you know Ibiza?

Actually is was there a few years ago playing some gigs but never got the time to get to know the island. This year my plan is to come in July…

..if you can do not come in July but better in September as the island is too full in July…

… or in July and September. My agent was to book me for Plan Be in July but I heard it is closed…

Yeah, one of those Ibiza stories, let’s put it that way: they were too different to fit into our club scene and are closed for now. So if not in Ibiza where can people find Adeline playing?

This week I go to Russia playing in Moscow then, after the Ibiza break, I will play at Fabric in London soon…

Upcoming productions?

Some tracks are in the loop but I can not tell more by now. My booking agency is closing down as well and I am already speaking to another one, so there are a lot of questionmarks in my life right now but that means things are moving which is good in a way.

How does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day is when I get up to go outside and get osme fresh air, but then as I have a home studioI love to start producing and obviously the perfect day is when you produced a perfect track. But as we all know those do not come on demand so the best is to do as much music as possible to get closer to the perfect track.

What happens on the 21st of December?

My birthday is on the 19th so I will probably still be eating my cake…

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

It is not good to talk about your plans but I will be very much into music and will make something really good out of it so in ten years I hope I will be massive.

We are pretty sure you will be.  Where can people listen to you next time?

I will be performing on the Eastern Electric Festival on the 4th of August in London.


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