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28.12.2013 // Text: william de worde // Pix: artiG

Let’s just do it.

Another end of another year, hard to believe 2014 is around the corner…

Maybe it’s true that somebody or something is tuning the timespan, feels like all is running faster and faster, weeks are like days and hours are hardly a moment, accelerating surely but steadily.

In our time we are trapped in a social media world, getting facebook-stoned tweeting our deepest feelings to ‘friends’ we never met personally, thinking we are so well ‘connected’.

As Edward Snowden said in his x-mas message, we all carry our personal tracker with us voluntarily, it is called cellphone, and our kids won’t even know what total freedom means –  even if they think nobody is watching, Big Brother will always be around.

What Orwell predicted is already outperformed, we accept to be monitored in the most perfidious ways paying a fortune for the latest version of our beloved smartphone (what a word…), and the irony is that everybody sees oneself as an expert in global politics as we can access all kind of information 24/7,  believing what we get served is nothing but the truth.

If you really know how to search you will find it, in the net or in real life, do not believe the hype and use modern technologies to your advantage, but don’t forget to live your dream, not dream your life.

You can make a difference, today is the first day of the rest of your life, you got the choice to do whatever you want. Yesterday does not matter, it shapes today to create tomorrow, so do not get stuck in the past and cherish the moment, as fast as it may pass away, it is too precious to waste it.

Here is a little poem i wrote as a thought on how to begin the upcoming year, if we all take it to heart it will be a pleasant ride:

Think global, act local.

Happy new year from all @ dub Ibiza network,

William de Worde

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