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17.06.2012 // Text: // Pix: james 't' kirk

do you still google?


do you still google or started searching yet?

Our mate James ‘T’ Kirk (ghostname for an anonymous artist) delivers an incredible list of different searchengines and most useful tools to enrich your online experience when you are looking for something.

The living proof that Google is not the high end of searching. If you want to find out more about ‘J T Kirk’ visit his facebook page here.

And here we go:

If you look for a picture’s source:

Looking for content that went offline?

A metasearchengine:

The searchengine of all searchengines:

Anonymous searchengine that does not collect your userdata:

A different metasearchengine:

Searchengine for text:

Scientifical searchengine:

Searchengine for web-copies and plagiarism:

Anonymous searchengine:

PDF and E-BOOK searchengine:

Dictionary in picture and text:

Videosearchengine on 35 Video-platforms:

The coolest 3D searchengine:

Visual searchengine of a different kind:

3d window searchengine:

3D video searchengine with a cool videowall:

Our favourite to search videos and pictures:

Thanx again for this great selection – it will definitely change your way of searching the WorldWideWeb.



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you better be good.

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  • BB XFX

    These lovely little links are truly a treasure trove.
    now say that 5 times really fast.


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