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28.06.2012 // Text: // Pix: chris jordan

chris jordan – running the numbers

Here we present you photographers we really like and respect. First entry is not Phrank, he is too busy right now to get things together but he will be next – we promise.

In the meantime  we start with a very different one – Chris Jordan is one of the leading artists in the ‘Green Movement’ and is considered the most effective one when it comes to showcase what is the current state of our planet with pictures that could not be of greater impact..

His works are of such outstanding quality and have a massive impact on the viewer that the least we can do is spread the word so all of us get even more conscious when it comes to avoid the total collapse of our planet due to the litter we produce every day.

Have a look on his series ‘Running Numbers’ here and here.

As an info – you can zoom into the pictures in a spectacular way by simply clicking in the pic – you won’t believe your eyes! And readf the notes underneath each work to see what they are made off – breathtaking!

His works as well showcase different tribes of the world in his very particular way and are an inspiration to many other photographers and average people to sharpen our vision in order to see more.

Here are some of his best photographs about a tribe in the Turkana in Kenya.

Have a look on his entire work here.

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