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15.08.2012 // Text: andreas simon // Pix: sandra

August bloody August…

As I am having a personal nightmare right now at home arguing with my wife i want to share some thoughts with all you out there:

As we all know this island is a cage full of nutters but we all are here for a certain reason. Wherever you came from there was something that triggered the desire to move to Ibiza, may it be its beauty, its fame, the endless parties, the colourful people or simply because you wanted to find out what this buzz is all about.

After arriving you find yourself in a situation of total chaos as nothing is as you expected it to be. Things do not happen in time, promises are not kept and even the most professional is reaching his limits after living for a while in our little paradise. They say that Ibiza or welcomes you and does everything to keep you here or eats you up and spits out the deplorable rest that is left over from your personality.

On top the spanish way of life of ‘mañana mañana’ is not made for everybody and the fact that this is an island that lives of 3 months of high season and 9 months of tranquility that can easily convert into your worst nightmare, or because of you did not make enough money during the season to have a cool off-season or you find out that you are one of many and not ‘oh so’ special as you always thought you were. Remember, there is always somebody more beautiful, stronger, richer, more ruthless or simply better than you so don’t take yourself too serious…

In summer there are more than 3 million tourists walking through and the heat is tremendous. On top all your friends come down to visit you expecting that you guide them through the island including free entries into the clubs and a 24 hours VIP hosting – which is simply impossible because this is the moment of high pressure where all of us have to work 300% to be able to survive. The very good friends understand this and let you do your job but most of them on top insult you demanding your services – which leads to desaster.

And the worst is yet to come – if you are in a relationship then it is most likely that both have different working times as this island operates 24 hours a day and each job includes another time schedule. After a while the pressure is so high that first arguments start to appear and none of both is up to turn in as they think that it is the other’s fault – very wrong. PLEASE take this advice, if you find yourself fighting and yelling on each other than take a step back, smile and say ‘baby, you know i love you, let’s get this through and we talk about everything afterwards’, may it be in September or later and you will see how it will work out and both will have a big laugh at the end.

This is a recipe that worked out for me since 16 years and, despite of three seperations, it made me keep the ones i love and get through so many ups and downs that i can’t even count them – but i am still madly in love with Ibiza and would not change it for any other destination in the world.

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  • Micky

    Excelent,…ha-ha-ha…i could not find better words for it.
    Long live ibiza,…for ever long!!!


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