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22.12.2012 // Text: william de worde // Pix: artiG / pr

a brave new world?

So here we are, day one after the ‘End of Days’ as so many suggested and – nothing happened.

Nothing? That is not at all true, at no time before in human history there were so many celebrations for a better world, hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet made this day a special day as we definitely are at the dawn of a new era, a golden era, where the love of power will be overcome by the power of love and the world will be in peace.

What we live right now is a time of change, never before there have been so many riots, wars and other catastrophies taking place and even the most ignorant must admit that we can not go on like we did in the past 100 years. If it is too late or not does not even matter, the earth was there before us and will be there after we vanish, what counts is that each one of us  is changing his mind towards a responsible and social behaviour that will lead to a better world.

At the end of this article you find two movies made out of some of the greatest books ever written that will show you where we don’t wanna go and one or two to show where we should go, in fact it is a lot easier than you expect to change this world, the power lies in each one of us.

this picture shows a part of our planet as a whole, a living organism that is in stake:

The ones in power will still go on trying to squeeze the last cent out of us until their day comes because they define themselves over money. Latest example was the speach of the fire arm lobby in the US, instead of turning in after the massacre in Newtown where 27 people died by reducing the amount of firearms in the US, especially the automatic rifles, they claim to arm the schools and put or a civil armed service or armed policemen to ensure safety in the schools. FOR SURE, they wanna maximize profit, they do not care about the life of anybody, even children. A good friend of mine told me a good idea for them to really maximize profits and do something good: make all new weapons reacting on fingerprint so only the licensed owner can use it and declare the old ones illegal… Wow, imagine all american citizens having to buy new weapons because they can’t use their old ones any more…..

I said it before and i say it again, the people shall not fear their government, the government shall fear their people. If all of us would stand up and say no to all this it would be over in a few days, but as long as we let them spread fear and frustration amongst us they got us by the balls.

So i wish you a good entrance in the new age, start it with some light exercises, healthy food, positive thinking, some meditation and, first and most important, lots of love.

This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Here are the links:

Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World

Orson Well’s 1984

Life at the end of Empire

The ‘overview effect’

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