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 The last Dance.

Monza Club Ibiza started 8 years ago with an appearance at Cocoon in Amnesia on the terrace. It was a logical step after Patrik Dechent left Germany where he found and ran the Monza Club in Frankfurt (1999 – 2005) together with his mate Thomas Koch aka DJ T for four years, making it one of the most successful underground clubnights of Frankfurt back in the good times. Arriving in Ibiza he found a partner in Ariel Giordani, the perfect addition as he is one of the best PRs in Ibiza. At this time Ariel was working as PR Manager in El Divino what is EL Lio today. After this first appearance in Amnesia Monza established a residency in the freshly built Penelope and the feedback was incredible – it instantly became an institution for a different vision of music focusing on the quality of sound, not the name of a DJ. Everything fitted, the size, sound and vibe of the club was tailored for their needs.

Patrik, for sure there are some funny anecdotes in the first years of Monza – tell us some of them please.

“For sure – our very first party in Ibiza took place in 2001 in Km5 with Tiefschwarz, guess it was the 9th of September 2001 – two days before 9/11… It was a sunday and the place was packed – Patrik Soks placed a watchman with walkie talkie on the roof to be prepared for an eventual visit of the authorities. Unfortunately we had to close at 3 am, from ther eon we moved to Blue Marlin and went on until 8 am to then party on in DC10. After our usual visit in Cocoon we ended up in Space and later Bora Bora… In those days we made Flyers and T-Shirts to promote the party in Km5. The shirts were olive green with a small Monza logo on the front – it was fashion those days to do it small – less was more! Most people did not know what it meant and all our promotional material was still in german, so i had to go round for days and explain to all the people what our new sound was all about… With this experience in the back we had to do something different for 2003, our music was not big at all in Ibiza and even the Cocoon Events were not so packed on the terrace those days, or better said it became crowded very late so we decided to do something special to better reach the crowd. We hosted four events in summer 2003 for Cocoon on the terrace and produced a few thousand CDs as a give away on the beach. DJ T did our first Seasonal Greetings Mix for the island. We distributed the CDs always two days before the event but nobody came to our event, but after the winter 2003/2004 everybody knew oure sound because they heard the CD many times in private. In 2004 i was there as a guest and everybody asked me about our music, i was overwhelmed by the feedback but once more fate was not on our side, Cocoon changed their policy and did not invite other promoters to their events any more… In winter 2004/05 Ariel visited me in Frankfurt and asked me why we should not try to do our own event in Ibiza and my answer was – definitely yes! In may 2005 then I took over Sunset Café with Richard and moved to Ibiza and there was Ariel again, telling me we got a deal in Penelope – so we put together the whole concept for 13 events in one month and started on July 7th in Penelope – the rest is history…”

After the season in Penelope started what could be described as ‘The Trip to Jerusalem’ á la Ibiza, Monza toured through most of the clubs on the island. First to come was Space in 2006 then Privilege in 2007 – 2009, then back again to Space in 2010 after the cancellation of Cova Santa. In 2011 then it was the refurbished former Kiss, the new Sankeys, that hosted Monza for a whole summer season. Following up in 2012 then was what you could call a cold start which culminated in the decision to not go on. It was a little bit like the fight from Don Quijote, Monza was not longer a underground party but could not compete with the big productions that rule Ibiza today.

How were those years of ‘club-hopping’?

“For sure there were always reasons why we had to make the one or another move, therefore we should be called ‘Vagabundos’ (laughing). Big hug at this place to Luciano, we had a great closing in Privilege with him. If it was for me we would still perform in Penelope, there we had the real Monza feel. Back in Germany our location was as well small and cozy, and Penelope was just as good, no big room club. The Sound system was not soo good but it was enough to make a first impact on the island. Then in 2006 in Space we had all the technical standards to unfold our sound to the max – but the soul was missing. The move to Privilege then the year after made us way too big, we found ourselves in the biggest club worldwide and the technical parameters were not as we wanted for our sound and we had to make the club smaller optically with a massive effort. In 2010 then we were about to move to Cova Santa but unfortunately the project got blocked one month before the opening and we found ourselves without club… The location would have been perfect for our needs, outdoors and indoors. We felt so sorry for our team and supporters who were really into it and the hype was incredible. Finally we were lucky to be able to perform on the terrace of Space and had a great closing in Kiss in Playa d’en Bossa. This then would become Sankeys the year after and we found a new home in there, unfortunately they did not honour our effort to bring back the soul to this club and in 2012 then we only did two parties and had to leave for reasons i do not want to mention here.”

Following up in Sankeys in 2012 then was what you could call a cold start which culminated in the decision to not go on. It was a little bit like the fight from Don Quijote, Monza was not longer a underground party but could not compete with the big productions that rule Ibiza today. Why?

“Monza was always a ‘pioneer concept’ – Ariel and me always wanted to showcase headliners and new talents and, first of all, the producers behind the tracks as life-acts. It was all about the 100% pure sound to what we later added the equivalent visuals. Unfortunately the whole Promoter structure has changed and former headliners started their own night so it became really difficult to survive for us.You could say what was our advantage in the first place became our disadvantage at the end as we helped some artists to become really big in Ibiza, and i say this proudly, without any temper.”

And finally we had the enormous pleasure to at least say a dignified good bye to one of my favourite parties this Island saw, we celebrated ‘The last day’. Where it was held does not matter but, as you can see in the pictures we had loads of fun. You can not buy spirit, you can not buy atmosphere and you can not buy love and dedication. And this was something that was felt in the air up there…

“Yeah it was quite important for Ricardo and me to do the LAST ONE in such a surrounding. Now everybody will remember the good moments of Monza. At this point I want to thank especially all the supporters and the Monza-Team to make those years some unforgettable ones. As well big thanx to my mates Carolina and Roland for the location for THE LAST DANCE and definitely my partner Ariel and Jero and Pablo who were always on our side. And as well you Hofer for the successful and constant collaboration with dub Ibiza. And last I want to thank all the artists who lived, felt and supported Monza for all those years, especially DJ T.”

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  • Raquel Gaudard

    One of the best nights ever of Ibiza. Indeed, there is dumb people in every corner of the world, incapable to understand the true meaning of a great night, refusing to being an audience of a label with such quality as Monza Club. So as Patrick said in this great interview, “you can not buy spirit, you can not buy atmosphere and you can not buy love and dedication”. And we could be able to felt all of this at Monza. Besides of a great line-up in every night, providing the audience an impeccable sound. Very bad news for Ibiza night, next Year.


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