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19.12.2012 Text: andreas simon // Pix: artiG

pixelados by sola

In our series of artists living in Ibiza there is surely one that can not be missed – Sola.

Besides of being a very good and longterm friend she was the inspiration for me to study Graphic Design and has a good part in me falling in love with Ibiza. Sola is something like a ‘total work of art’, she lives and breathes creativity in all she does, but it is in her paintings that you can see her vision most clearly. She has a way to express herself that makes the observer a part of her art, using all kinds of techniques. Her latest exhibition is in the Club Diario de Ibiza and is still going until Friday, 21st of December. In this exhibition she presents her work themed ‘Pixelados’, as most of the art exposed is made out of papercuts, thousands of papercuts. As you can see in the pictures she uses coloured cardboard, flyers, postcards  and pieces from magazine-covers to complete these fantastic series.

Sola, what was the reason for this way of expression?

After organizing the ” NOCHE DEL ARTE” – Art – Market in Las Dalias for the last 4 years I had some boxes of flyers left – and their common motiv was the bust of Tanit. In this time you were helping me with your knowlege of digital graphic programs to design these flyers…

One day I got the idea to make a big face of the goddess Tanit with all the little ones, and I started to cut them. This was the beginning of my collage-era. As it was very successful I went on doing more… Now as well Tanit Jeans is using this first Tanit -Collage.

Another massive artwork is a collection of drawings, one – each day of  2012, reflecting the ‘every-day-inspiration’. But from June on, she was simply too busy (as all of us) to draw every day. The idea behind it is amazing, as you can follow the drawings finding so typical topics that all of us lived this year here in Ibiza . One more fave is the picture of a ‘Domina’ in front of a kind of Matrix, the ‘Dominatrix’, giving you a sensation of erotic digitalism that is hard to describe.

How is life in Ibiza as an artist, where from do you still get your inspiration, after so many years living here?

When I am in my atelier I am so grateful to find my fulfillment in doing my art. I think it is a great gift from the universe – to have this mission… And about the inspiration : Awake and asleep – no matter when – inspiration can happen!  If you are open and alert – and curious – it can be everywhere – and nowhere – importantt is just to be there when it is there, or to pay attention even for the most unimportant things. Each individual combines and selects impressions in a very specific way – and that makes us so unique. I think inspiration ends with death – at least for a while…

If you want to get in contact with her we strongly recommend to visit her exhibition at the ‘Club Diario de Ibiza’ – just in case you don’t know where it is, it is located next to the new station of the ‘Policia Local’ in the outskirts of Ibiza and is going on until this friday 21st of December ( 5,30pm till 9 pm  / 17:30 – 21:00 ). If this is not enough we post a few links to her website etc. at the end of this article. Thanx so much Sola for all your inspiration, incredible art and your always inspiring attitude.

if you want to get in contact with Sola:



phone: 0034 649 019 099

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