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an orgy of art, music & design

Delmar and Alvaro are the two artists that form ‘Los Suruba’, a name that is all over the place. Since two years they live in Ibiza and became the residents of Ants in Ushuaïa. We are sitting in a private club in the venue talking about life, music and more. You met in 2001 but what are your musical roots? Delmar: At the age of 14 I ...  more
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i let myself drift

Hello Marko, we are already following you for a while and are now very happy to get the chance to talk to you about music, life and more. Being born in the old 'Eastern Germany' must have been difficult in order to get access to music no? Since we've lived near the East/West Border, it was easy to listen to western Radio Stations, which played ...  more
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inspiration isn’t a rational thing

In case it’s escaped your attention, there’s a new duo who are very much doing the rounds on the house and techno scene right now, and they’re a prolific pair too. Since first hooking up little over a year ago, Lee Van Dowski & Dean Demanuele have already put the finishing touches to a catalogue of great releases, releases that have ...  more
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kris davis coming closer

Kris Davis is one of a new breed of producers that seem to conquer the scene by storm. His latest track 'closer' blew my mind, listening to it over and over again i knew it will be the number one in my recent 'dub 10' charts. Maybe not a peak time track but definitely one you can win any willing crowd to follow you into the depths of warm, ...  more
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Having the pleasure to host somebody with the presence of Earl Gateshead leads automatically to the urge for an interview with him, especially when he is here to play for the Ibiza Reggae Yard Community at Las Dalias. It was a pleasure to have him in my house so we were sitting on a terrace overlooking the seaside of Santa Eulalia, after the gig ...  more
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Mike + Claire on Life in past, present + future

Up in the north of the island i am sitting with Claire + Mike, Manumission creators, now being on another quest to finally reinvent themselves and their understanding of how to create the perfect party. Let's find out what this is all about: 20 years Manumission - how does that feel? Mike - Hard to believe no? What do you think? Claire - ...  more
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Max in da Mix

The beautiful setting of the Magic Music Studios up in the San Juan mountains is the ideal surrounding to speak to Max Martire, one part of the Aristofreeks, set to hit the music industry with a bang this summer through several huge productions. Hello Max, pleasure to meet you - your biography reads like you breathe and live music your whole ...  more
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kollektiv turmstrasse on sheeps and carrots

Exclusive interview with one of the most-in-demand live acts so far, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, about music, life and much more: Hey Christian and Nico, after Mladen (Solomun) and Holger (H.O.S.H.) it is a pleasure to welcome another great act from the DIYNAMIC family in our network and as i see you came a long way to be where you are today. You met ...  more
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It was just a matter of time till we hit it off.

With one of the most outstanding LPs around the corner it is our pleasure to welcome Chi-Thien Nguyen and John B. Muder aka Chopstick + Johnjon to our network. Hey both, as a lover of slow, deep and intense house music myself i have to say that 'Twelve' blows my mind - it is the first review to score 11 out of 10 points -  it was 5 days on ...  more
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23.03.2014 Text: George Solar // Pix: artiG

I am new here.

I’m new here. Wind North/Northeast, 7 Beaufort at least. It’s raining cats & dogs, with the sky almost black at lunchtime. My DJ booth faces east, located right outside a cute beach bar up north, about where the eye of the storm seems to be. The sea is heavy, waves crushing in on the rocks and sand just a few meters from where i try to ...  more
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