07/08/2018 - A Toni. Knowing that i won’t ever be ... +++ 07/07/2016 - First print edition is out tomorrow Friday 8th of July !! +++ 19/05/2016 - special thanx for the perfect day in paradise to George Solar, Rico from Blue Bar and Daniele from Tipic ! +++ 31/03/2016 - spring is here and the island finally wakes up – again ! +++ 03/12/2015 - only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will we live in peace . +++ 08/09/2015 - oh yeah oh yeah – summer is soon over ! +++ 16/04/2015 - oh yeah oh yeah, summer is around the corner ! +++ 31/12/2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 TO ALL OF YOU !!! +++ 10/12/2014 - finally winter arrived in ibiza, time for chimney and a smoke ;-) +++ 10/04/2014 - our very own event ‘local heroes’ will be holding 6 special events with carl cox’ music is revolution at space this season ! +++

23.02.2014 Text: Andreas Simon // Pix: Collabs

1 0 0 . 0 0 0 SIGNATURES!

100.000 SIGNATURES! It was simply incredible - yesterday the impact was overwhelming as you can see on the pictures and we can only say THANK YOU to all the numberless people (more than 15.000!) who attended, helped voluntarily and made all this possible, special thanks to Eivissadiuno & Eivissa Antipetrolífera and the group of voluntaries ...  more
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20.02.2014 Text: William de Worde // Pix: Collabs, Victor Oliver


Yes we can! According to the official website of the 'Consell d'Eivissa' which is nothing less than our local government, the number of valid signatures exceeds 33.000 - means the necessary number of 30.000 is officially outnumbered! This was only possible thanx to the incredible support on Ibiza and abroad, so many people from all over the ...  more
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10.02.2014 Text: Andreas Simon // Pix: Victor Oliver / artiG

Editor’s Letter February 2014

2014 seems to be a year of heavy changes - just look around and see what is happening already... Who would have thought not long ago that we would face a threat of the magnitude of several oil platforms around our shores? And who can seriously be so stupid to think that this is a way out of the financial 'crisis' (oh how i hate that word...) - ...  more
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28.12.2013 Text: william de worde // Pix: artiG

Let’s just do it.

Another end of another year, hard to believe 2014 is around the corner... Maybe it's true that somebody or something is tuning the timespan, feels like all is running faster and faster, weeks are like days and hours are hardly a moment, accelerating surely but steadily. In our time we are trapped in a social media world, getting facebook-stoned ...  more
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19.12.2013 Text: andreas simon // Pix: artiG


LOCAL HEROES MEET LO CURA LOUNGE FOR A SPECIAL EVENT THIS SUNDAY 22ND OF DECEMBER IN GRIAL! Upcoming Sunday 22nd of December we are proud to present a fusion between our very own night 'Local Heroes', taking place in Grial, and bullet-proof event from the beloved team behind Lo Cura called Lo Cura Lounge. After a rockin' first season every other ...  more
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05.11.2013 Text: unknown author // Pix: artiG

I have learned…

I've Learned... • I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them. • I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people just don't care back. • I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it. • I've learned that it's not ...  more
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16.10.2013 Text: andreas simon // Pix: frank

R.I.P. Nito Sa Trinxa

Nito Cardona was always a visionary, a person that saw things before they appeared, before they even existed. That is for sure one of the reasons he started Sa Trinxa (originally called Sa Trincha) so many years ago as a 'real' Chiringuito on the beach of Salinas. Real Chiringuito by law means that you have to deinstall evertything except the ...  more
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01.09.2013 Text: andreas simon // Pix: artiG

editor’s letter september 2013

This is an early Editor's letter but the shocking news about Ibiza that has been circulating around the world lately is really breaking my balls. A dozen or more English newspapers and even some American ones have been full of the story about two girls breaking bad in Ibiza, especially in San Antonio where they started working as “PR's”, ...  more
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10.08.2013 Text: andreas simon // Pix:


SYNC MY ASS. This month's Editor's letter is all about DJs, the ones that are supposed to make people dance, entertain the crowd with their skills by creating a trip over a certain time span, depending on the length of their set. The shamans of the night, taking the crowd to a higher consciousness through music. With all the technical progress ...  more
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15.07.2013 Text: Andreas Simon // Pix: artiG

Editor’s Letter Online July 2013

This one is not so much about Ibiza but something that affects all of us and its outcome is noticeable everywhere - the every day more common total control of our governments over what we do, how we do it, when and with whom. No, I'm not talking about sex but almost everything that includes our daily lives. Cities like London or Paris have the ...  more
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