07/08/2018 - Un tal Toni. Sabiendo que nunca llegaré a ser m ... +++ 07/07/2016 - La primera edicion sale a la calle mañana viernes 8 de julio !! +++ 19/05/2016 - special thanx for the perfect day in paradise to George Solar, Rico from Blue Bar and Daniele from Tipic ! +++ 31/03/2016 - ha llegado la primavera y la isla se despierta – por fin ! +++ 03/12/2015 - only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will we live in peace . +++ 08/09/2015 - oh si oh si – verano se termina pronto ! +++ 16/04/2015 - oh si oh si, verano se esta acercando ! +++ 31/12/2014 - FELIZ ANO NUEVO PARA TOD@S !!! +++ 10/04/2014 - nuestro propio evento ‘local heroes’ va a celebrar 6 eventos especiales junto a carl cox’ music is revolution en space esta temporada ! +++ 09/04/2014 - poc a poc calentando motores por la temporada – y tu ? +++

26.07.2014 Text: william de worde // Pix: phrank

somos todos rainbow warriors

'Sólo cuando se haya cortado el último árbol. Sólo cuando el último río haya sido envenenado. Sólo cuando se haya pescado el último pez. Sólo entonces verás que el dinero no se puede comer.’ Profecía de los Indios Cree Vivir en Ibiza durante muchos años tiene, sin duda, un enorme impacto en la personalidad de uno; algunos son más ...  more
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13.07.2014 Text: andreas simon // Pix: eugenio recuenco

Mike + Claire on Life in past, present + future

En la parte norte de la isla, estoy sentando con Claire + Mike, los creadores de Manumission, que se encuentran ahora en otra aventura para reinventarse a sí mismos y su concepto de cómo crear la fiesta perfecta. Veamos de qué va todo esto: 20 años de Manumission - ¿qué se siente? Mike - Es difícil de creer, ¿verdad? ¿Qué ...  more
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1 0 0 . 0 0 0 FIRMAS!

100.000 SIGNATURES! It was simply incredible - yesterday the impact was overwhelming as you can see on the pictures and we can only say THANK YOU to all the numberless people (more than 15.000!) who attended, helped voluntarily and made all this possible, special thanks to Eivissadiuno & Eivissa Antipetrolífera and the group of ...  more
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16.10.2013 Text: andreas simon // Pix: frank

R.I.P. Nito Sa Trinxa

Nito Cardona was always a visionary, a person that saw things before they appeared, before they even existed. That is for sure one of the reasons he started Sa Trinxa (originally called Sa Trincha) so many years ago as a 'real' Chiringuito on the beach of Salinas. Real Chiringuito by law means that you have to deinstall evertything except the ...  more
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Not knowing much about Water Therapy might be the best way to experience what i had the pleasure to find out about this fascinating treatment. Meeting Sophie, Yanina and Roger was a first great impression, all three are specialized in a certain technique which the terminus Water Therapy includes, and all three work together very well. Yanina is ...  more
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13.08.2013 Text: ariane köhler // Pix: phrank

guía for mente ra 2013

UN AUTÉNTICO PARAÍSO EN EL MEDITERRÁNEO. Formentera es un oasis de paz y tranquilidad. Muchos músicos y artistas han encontrado, y siguen encontrando, su inspiración en esta isla. Lo que no resulta nada sorprendente, ya que con un tamaño de 83,2 km2, 69 km de costa, playas magníficas, aguas color turquesa y la combinación perfecta entre ...  more
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paul khera – lord of the ring

Hello Paul, this is one of the interviews that come to life after seeing something interesting and getting the contact straight away, so it is meant to happen. First of all tell us about yourself, we know you have multiple forms of creation. In brief i was born in England and brought up over there, my grandmother filled my head with all kinds of ...  more
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07.07.2013 Text: william de worde // Pix: phrank

la verdadera ley de atracción

Es posible que algunos de vosotros ya hayáis oído hablar de la ‘Ley de Atracción’ – existen varias películas sobre ella, varias libros hablan sobre ellas y todo parece ser tan fácil, en teoría… La primera aparición de esta ‘ley’ proviene de Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, un relojero de Nueva Inglaterra, en el siglo XIX. Su ‘nueva ...  more
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the non-traumatic version of evolution

Jamie Catto, founding member of FAITHLESS, co-creator of seminal music+philosophy movies, ONE GIANT LEAP and WHAT ABOUT ME talks with his close friend, Barefoot Doctor, worldwide spiritual guru-healer, founder of the conscious clubbing movement, prodigious producer of electronic healing music and author of 16 books, about evolution and what really ...  more
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In memoriam linda

We live in the outskirts of Sta. Eulalia in an old Finca with some fish, a cat named Niu and a Great Dane named Drako. As he is a very big boy (82 kilos!) it is difficult to find other dogs to play with as most of them get frightened and start barking, only a few are really suitable for his appearance. Last year somebody bought the ground in the ...  more
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