07/08/2018 - Un tal Toni. Sabiendo que nunca llegaré a ser m ... +++ 07/07/2016 - La primera edicion sale a la calle mañana viernes 8 de julio !! +++ 19/05/2016 - special thanx for the perfect day in paradise to George Solar, Rico from Blue Bar and Daniele from Tipic ! +++ 31/03/2016 - ha llegado la primavera y la isla se despierta – por fin ! +++ 03/12/2015 - only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will we live in peace . +++ 08/09/2015 - oh si oh si – verano se termina pronto ! +++ 16/04/2015 - oh si oh si, verano se esta acercando ! +++ 31/12/2014 - FELIZ ANO NUEVO PARA TOD@S !!! +++ 10/04/2014 - nuestro propio evento ‘local heroes’ va a celebrar 6 eventos especiales junto a carl cox’ music is revolution en space esta temporada ! +++ 09/04/2014 - poc a poc calentando motores por la temporada – y tu ? +++

11.07.2013 Text: hofer66 // Pix: daniel woeller / phrank

el amor á la música

Sven, es un placer y un honor darte por fin la bienvenida en dub, como uno de nuestros primeros y más leales clientes y como uno de mis modelos a seguir como DJ. Si cuando empezaste a pinchar te hubiesen contado dónde estarías hoy, ¿qué hubieras dicho? Me hubiese reído, pero al mismo tiempo me habría sentido muy contento, porque suena ...  more
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20.04.2013 Text: lucia barbiero // Pix: jerom

graffiti de origen ibiçenco

Jerom - Grafitero Ibiçenco (Ibiza 1979) El graffiti actual comenzó a desarrollarse a finales de la década de los 70 en NY y Filadelfia, donde escritores como Futura 2000, A-One, Taki 183, Cat 161 y Cornbread empezaron a escribir sus nombres en paredes y estaciones del metro de Manhattan. Aparecieron las primeras firmas que posteriormente ...  more
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Creativity comes from limitations

d: Hello Martin, another great artist joins our network, and what better cause then the upcoming release of your album.  Tell us a bit more about you, how did you come to music? When I was sixteen I discovered making music on a computer. Before that I played various instruments, drums, piano, even violine. So I played in different bands as a ...  more
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13.01.2013 Text: william de worde // Pix: pr

Aaron Swartz is dead.

Aaron Swartz was an exceptional, genious and free mind in a world ruled by a few in order to stay in control. He started programming very early and was at the tender age of 14 already more advanced than what many others achieve in their lifetime. He was an internet activist trying in whatever way to make information accessible to all, and not ...  more
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We meet Francesca Lombardo, the new Italian Queen of House. Hello Francesca, it is always fascinating having an artist interview with someone that you have just discovered and admire instantly. Since your first appearance on Crosstown Rebels that is the case for me. Tell us where your musical roots come from, i hear you have a father who is ...  more
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R.I.P. Pete Namlook + Martin Dawson

Pete Namlook (a wordplay of his real name Peter Kuhlmann aka Peter 'Koolman' which is Namlook from back to front) has died of yet unspecified causes. His daughter Fabia says she will announce more details soon when the circumstances about his death are revealed. Pete was a heavy influence in the 90's for all lovers of synthesised music, ...  more
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Ralph Lawson es uno de los personajes clave de tallar la primera fase de la música de baile y propietario de uno de los sellos más respetados de música electrónica en el mundo - 2020Vision. La elección del nombre de su sello ya lo dice todo, una visión clara como el agua. 2020Vision significa visión 20/20, que es cuando uno tiene una vista ...  more
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Desde hace 12 años, Johannes Goller es el hombre a cargo de Cocoon Ibiza y el éxito de Cocoon muestra que sabe exactamente lo que está haciendo. En 1988, cuando Johannes era un yogurín de 13 años, sus padres decidieron ir de vacaciones a Ibiza. Se alojaron en un hotel frente al Space y cada mañana cuando bajaban a desayunar veía la gente ...  more
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Art preserves Nature

On thursday 23rd of August Dominique Sanson and his wife Marianne were the protagonists of an event that was held in Terravita on the main road to Santa Eulalia. Dominique donated some of his paintings to a very good cause - the support of the IPF - the Ibiza Preservation Fund, an organization that aims to revitalize the island's local ...  more
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We meet with Patrik Skoog aka Agaric, already a veteran of swedish techno and house producers even though he is still very young and got a bright future in front of him. Hello Patrik, tell our readers about yourself, how did you come to music? Hi Dub. I've been intreaged by musical instruments for as long as I can remember. When I was really ...  more
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