07/08/2018 - Un tal Toni. Sabiendo que nunca llegaré a ser m ... +++ 07/07/2016 - La primera edicion sale a la calle mañana viernes 8 de julio !! +++ 19/05/2016 - special thanx for the perfect day in paradise to George Solar, Rico from Blue Bar and Daniele from Tipic ! +++ 31/03/2016 - ha llegado la primavera y la isla se despierta – por fin ! +++ 03/12/2015 - only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will we live in peace . +++ 08/09/2015 - oh si oh si – verano se termina pronto ! +++ 16/04/2015 - oh si oh si, verano se esta acercando ! +++ 31/12/2014 - FELIZ ANO NUEVO PARA TOD@S !!! +++ 10/04/2014 - nuestro propio evento ‘local heroes’ va a celebrar 6 eventos especiales junto a carl cox’ music is revolution en space esta temporada ! +++ 09/04/2014 - poc a poc calentando motores por la temporada – y tu ? +++

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'A healthy mind lives best in a healthy body' is a fact that sounds very logic. So what is there better to do than to take care of your body in order to create the ideal condition to accomodate a mind full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm, skills that are not at all easy to achieve in the difficult times we live in. To achieve this there are ...  more
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 The last Dance. Monza Club Ibiza started 8 years ago with an appearance at Cocoon in Amnesia on the terrace. It was a logical step after Patrik Dechent left Germany where he found and ran the Monza Club in Frankfurt (1999 - 2005) together with his mate Thomas Koch aka DJ T for four years, making it one of the most successful underground ...  more
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BERMUDA - Berlin Music Days . Berlin . 31. October - 3. November 2012 The Berlin Music Days 2012: This is festival, showcases, parties, workshops, lectures, label nights, exhibitions and films. Guests and participants will have the opportunity to partake in the unique Berliner club scene and experience the national and international electronic ...  more
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The last Healing Day in Atzaro for this year was a gathering of like-minded people from all over the island. As it was not so crowded as the first one this year in june it was a pleasure to explore all the different stands and hearings. Guess all the party animals stayed away as they were still partying or recovering from one or the other closing ...  more
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Finally summer's craze is over and we are entering winter mode - as there are only two seasons here we always change from winter- to summer mode and vice versa. That means the days get shorter, we can finally sleep with more than a blanket and the few parties that are held are of the best you have seen in a long time. Very soon we will light the ...  more
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museo etnografico de santa ines

Toni came to Ibiza about fifteen years ago and was fascinated by its beauty and history, culture and diversity. But soon he realized that, the more he wanted to find out about the past, the less interest of the Islanders about their very own history he found. As so often, if you are surrounded by something all the time you don't take notice of it ...  more
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Asistir en persona a una exposición de arte visual es siempre muy distinto a haber leído u oído hablar de un artista o de un cuadro, o de un estilo o de un mensaje. Al mirar un cuadro o escuchar música en directo es más fácil conectar con el artista y entender su mensaje. Examinar una obra de Siegfried M. Bacharach es una vibración ...  more
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One of the best newcomer nights in Ibiza 2012 comes to an end... And with a big bang! Solomun will perform an exclusive 6-hours set with the support of his label mates, so you can expect a truly unique experience in clubbing upcoming tuesday 11th of September. Here is a personal statement of Solomun: “Thank you Ibiza!!! We had so much fun ...  more
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Red Bull Dia de las Alas Ibiza

On the 8th of september Red Bull celebrated the 'Red Bull Dia de las Alas' - the 'Red Bull Flugtag' for the first time in Ibiza. This spectacular event took place in the port of Ibiza with more than 100 teams fighting for the best flight. What does 'the best flight' mean? It is a combination of originality, presentation and the flight ...  more
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Magnetic Man - lots of pull Magnetic Man came to Ibiza with their brand of melodic, electronic dubstep. They produced a jumpy set full of glitchy sounds with Benga, Skream and Artwork producing a sound that evoked a surprisingly young crowd into a fevour. Given this group includes two of the founding dubstep fathers (Skream and Benga) I was ...  more
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